How to Get Bone Fragments in Valheim

Weapons and armor are crafted using bone fragments in Valheim for upgrades and enhancements.

But where can players find them in early games?

Actually, there are only two armor sets available to players early on in Valheim: the Rag and Leather sets.

Players need bone fragments to level the Leather set. And, they can be found in several places.

However, they are not always at obvious locations. You will need to spend some time finding them.

how to get bone fragments in valheim

Let’s check out how.

How to Get Bone Fragments in Valheim

Bone Fragments are used in a variety of crafting recipes, just as many other useful materials in Valheim.

And, in the game, the player can find fragments of bones in various locations.

It is possible to stack 50 bone fragments. Each one weighs 0.5 grams.

Finding the Bone Fragments

Bone fragments can be used for a wide range of purposes.

And, in order to create and upgrade some of your gear, you’ll need a lot of them.

In Valheim, you can get bone fragments in two different ways.

As for loot, you can find bone fragments on the ground in some locations. Bone fragments are also rewarded as loot when you defeat certain boney enemies in the game.

Looting Bone Fragments from Fallen Enemies

You need to do more than just find Bone fragments on the ground if you want a lot of them.

In order to obtain bone fragments, you must find and defeat enemies that are skeletons.

But, there are several types of skeletons in this game. And, you can really get caught off guard if you aren’t prepared.

However, you should be pretty safe from most skeleton attacks as long as you have enough stamina and a wooden shield of at least level 2.

And, these enemies are vulnerable to even blunt weapons.

Also, you need not hit them more than five times even from a level 1 wooden club, depending on your skill level.

Your level 3 club will make quick work of them if you have it around. Skeletons will drop fragments of bone once defeated.

In the case of skeletons with stars next to their names, two bone fragments will be dropped.

And, more loot will be dropped by enemies with a higher level. Skelton trophies will also be dropped occasionally.

Finding Bone Fragments from Skeletal Remains

You may occasionally come across Skeletal remains while exploring Valheim. Skeletal remains function a bit as wood branches do.

The Skeletal remains can be interacted with, and you will receive Bone fragments. In the Black Forest biome, skeletal remains are mainly found in burial chambers.

They also tend to spawn near or inside Troll caves. The Black Forest is also home to Troll caves.

And, there are probably skeletal remains in some of the Burial Chambers if you’ve explored enough of them.

Uses of Bone Fragments

Several weapons and armor pieces are made from bone fragments.

Bone fragments are used to make:

  • deer hide cape
  • Troll hide cape
  • Troll leather helmet
  • Upgrading a Club
  • Upgrading Leather pants
  • Upgrading a Leather tunic
  • Upgrading a Stagbreaker
  • Upgrading all pieces of the Troll Armor Set

Final Words

That’s all about how to get bone fragments in valheim.

Bone fragments are generally an important resource that you can easily find by following the steps mentioned in this article.

Do comment down if you have any questions or tips for your fellow readers.

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