How to Get Birch Seeds in Valheim (Guide)

You will need to find Birch trees in Valheim in order to get Birch seeds. Axe them down once you find them. Make a bronze axe at least. Otherwise, you won’t be able to chop them down.

It is also possible that you will need to farm only the Birch trees in the meadows to get seeds. Attempts to obtain seeds from the Birch trees that spawn on the plains haven’t been successful.

Take a bronze axe to a Birch tree once you get it. The seeds you will receive will allow you to grow Birch trees closer to home.

how to get birch seeds in valheim

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What are Birch Trees?

The player has the option of cutting down Birch trees in Valheim. Birches are easy to distinguish from other trees. Their colouration is very distinctive. And, birches have a black trunk and striped leaves.

If a birch tree is cut down, it will become a log. Once this log has been cut into two smaller logs, it can be split using an axe of bronze quality or better.

In addition to fine wood, the player will receive regular wood once they can break down these logs.

Where Birch Trees are Found?

In Valheim, birch trees can spawn in only two biomes. The player begins their journey in the Meadows, which is the first biome. The plains biome is another biome where birch trees can spawn.

In the game, the plains have the most birch trees. A player will often find birch trees in forests on the plains. These are the best places to find them in the game.

Short gathering trips are recommended due to the danger associated with the plains. It is also possible to take both wood and fine wood in Valheim when harvesting birch trees on the plains.

Creating a secure encampment in the plains is your best option. So, build your base on top of a large rock. And, make your portal there as well. This can also be used for harvesting birch wood.

How to Get Birch Seeds to Plant

Valheim has many trees that can be cut down for collecting seeds. But, currently, there are no birch seeds in the early access version of Valheim.

You will gain nothing for your effort if you chop down 1000 birch trees. It is not clear if birch seeds will be added to the game in a future update.

But, to keep fine wood a rare and finite resource, the developers may have decided not to include birch seeds in the game.

Final Words

Planting Birch seeds and growing them require the use of five core wood and five bronze in a level one workbench. When the cultivator has been made, place it in your Hotbar and right-click.

And, by clicking on the Birch tree within the cultivator menu, you’ll be able to plant it by left-clicking on the ground.

Several days after you plant the seeds, the Birch trees will grow into full trees. Thus, you will be able to harvest the fine wood from them.

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