How to Get Atgeirs in Valheim (Complete Guide)

In today’s article, we will list all the atgeir weapons currently available in the early access version of Valheim.

addition, we will discuss how they can be crafted. It will be interesting to see what kind of stats they add to the hardcore survival experience.

how to get atgeirs in valheim

So, let’s check them out.

How to Get Atgeirs in Valheim

There is a long blade on the end of an atgeir, which is made of wood. All of their weapons scale with their polearms skill.

As a result, using an atgeir will give you experience in the polearms skill. And, as you level up your polearms skill, you will be able to deal more damage with this weapon type.

You can see another range of values in yellow along with the base damage value when looking at a weapon’s stats. It is a general measure of the weapon’s damage.

However, the yellow value represents the actual damage your character will suffer from the weapon. This is determined by your skill level.

In long-range combat, the atgeir is an excellent weapon. In addition, it has a secondary attack that slashes around the player in all directions. This is perfect for dealing with large groups of enemies.

But, using an atgeir has the disadvantage of being a two-handed weapon. Therefore, you will not be able to use a shield while using an atgeir.

And, almost all atgeir are made from metal and forged at the forge.

Bronze Atgeir

Bronze atgeirs are the lowest tier of atgeirs. The atgeir skill and the polearms skill is likely to be seen for the first time by a lot of players.

A basic handle is present on the atgeir. The handle looks like a smooth piece of wood. And, a player who turns on reflections will see a nice golden glow when the blade is in sunlight.

All atgeirs have a secondary slashing attack, and the bronze atgeir is no exception. To perform that attack, click the mouse wheel. After defeating the first forsaken, Eikthyr, players can make this atgeir.

Crafting Bronze Atgeir

Bronze is obviously necessary for crafting bronze armor. The player must first defeat Eikthyr to obtain a pickaxe for mining copper and tin.

This deer-like beast drops hard antlers from which you can create a pickaxe. You can also find copper, tin, and surtling cores in the Black Forest. The metal cores are needed to craft a smelter, which will melt down the metals.

Bronze is made by melting down metals and fusing them together at the forge.

You can craft a bronze atgeir once you have all of these materials and a forge set up. The materials you need are as follows:

  • 10 Wood
  • 8 Bronze (16 Copper and 8 Tin)
  • 2 Leather Scraps

Go to the forge once you’ve collected all of these items. On the left-hand side, you’ll find bronze atgeir. Then, you can select it at the bottom of the menu and then click the Craft button.

The atgeir can also be upgraded from here. Just click the upgrade tab. Choose your bronze atgeir.

Iron Atgeir

Valheim offers the iron atgeir as the second atgeir that can be crafted. When the player defeats the second forsaken creature, The Elder, they will have access to iron and the ability to craft this atgeir.

In terms of appearance, the iron atgeir is similar to the bronze atgeir. Both weapons are made of wood. Both have the same appearance.

And, each weapon also has the same blade shape. There is only one visible difference between the two weapons: the blade color. The blades of both weapons are silver in color.

And, there is no difference in size between the bronze and iron weapons. They both have identical animations and attack sets.

Crafting Iron Atgeir

The player will have access to iron once they have defeated the second forsaken. This will allow them to craft the iron atgeir.

At the forge’s crafting menu, iron atgeir can be crafted. It is necessary to have a level 2 forge in order to make the iron armor.

Forge workers need the following materials to create the iron armor:

  • 10 Wood
  • 30 Iron
  • 2 Leather Scraps

Iron scraps can be found in swamps, which the player must explore. The other items required for the iron atgeir are the same as the items needed for the bronze atgeir, except for the metal. Perhaps this is why the two look similar.

Blackmetal Atgeir

Lastly, the Blackmetal atgeir is the final atgeir that can be crafted in Valheim. It is the best atgeir available currently. And, it’s possible that this will change with updates since the game is still in early access.

The top of the Blackmetal atgeir is covered in a leather grip and has a reddish wood handle. The blade is made from blackmetal and is double-sided with a B-shaped front side.

When shown in the sunlight, the weapon has a dark green tinge. This is the first ageir with its own handle. And, once the player has defeated the fourth forsaken, Moder, they will have access to this quest.

Crafting Blackmetal Atgeir

There is no easy task involved in crafting the blackmetal atgeir. This is basically an end-game item. And, among the hardest materials in the game are those required for blackmetal atgeir.

Also, obtaining the crafting station to process the blackmetal will require defeating the 4th forsaken in the mountains.

For crafting blackmetal atgeir, the following materials are needed:

  • 10 Fine Wood
  • 30 Black metal
  • 5 Linen thread
  • Level 4 Forge

You will also need to find some very difficult materials. And, in order to craft this weapon, you will need a level 4 forge.

Final Words

This is all about atgeirs and how to get them in Valheim. We hope that you find the desired information which you were looking for.

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