How to Get Ash in Cryofall (Easy)

Cryofall’s Ash resource is used for making a few items. And, since water is one of the materials needed to make bottles, you’ll need a lot of it if you plan to store it.

So, as you collect ash in Cryofall, you will be able to craft more bottles. Isn’t that simple math? Only, if you can find some ash, at least.

how to get ash in cryofall

In this article, we will look at how to get ash in Cryofall.

How to Get Ash in Cryofall

A wood product can produce ash when it is burned on the stove, at a campfire, or in the furnace. You will eventually get ash as a byproduct of using wood logs, plants, etc. as fuel.

Cryofall’s best source of ash is twigs, which can be used as fuel. As a result of burning twigs as a fuel product, ash is always emitted. And, if you burn twigs all day long, you will get a lot of ash.

The furnace is being heated by twigs, as you can see in the picture above. And, it doesn’t matter what type of wood you use to smelt metal ore. Apparently, branches are hot enough to melt metal ore the same way wood does.

The benefit of using twigs here is that you’ll get more ash. For every 5 minutes of burning wood logs, you will get about 3 ash.

As a byproduct, you’ll get significantly more ash than you would from using twigs. You will, however, get less charcoal.

Where to Get Twigs in Cryofall

In Cryofall, you can find twigs in nearly every forest biome. It is very likely that you will find some twigs on the ground if you travel through an area that appears to have a lot of trees around.

See the image below for a visual representation of what twigs look like in Cryofall.

Simply, put your mouse over a small pile of twigs once you have found one. And, click the right button.

The twigs will automatically be picked up by your character. And, each pile of twigs will contain about two or three.

In other words, if you plan to burn them to ash, you’ll have to pick up a lot. Cutting down trees can also provide you with twigs.

Trees in Cryofall are generally easy to find due to the fact that you won’t have to look too far. Unless you are in the barrens, that is.

Uses of Ash in Cryofall

In Cryofall, every resource serves a purpose. All resources have a purpose, no matter how insignificant they seem at first.

The character will not have their full potential, to begin with. Much of the technology in the game is locked. And, new crafting recipes and buildings can only be unlocked by spending your learning points.


One of the first items you’ll be collecting in the game is Ash, and you won’t know how to use it. But, be sure to keep it. If you don’t, you will lose valuable experience.

As one of the crafting materials for one of the most important items in the game, ash is used.

Final words

Glass can also be made from ash. In the furnace, if the player has unlocked the right technology, they can make raw glass by putting sand and ash together.

You can consider this very important since it is the material used to make bottles. Players can craft their own bottles at the Workbench once they have 10 raw glasses.

With the bottle, they have access to water and salt in unlimited amounts. The saltwater can then be separated into water and salt.

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