How to Get an Axe in Project Zomboid (EASY)

Do you need some wood to build your base? In this tutorial, we will examine some of the ways to get an axe in Project Zomboid build 41. Additionally, we will examine some of the uses for the axe as well.

Let’s start.

How to Get an Axe in Project Zomboid

You can find the Axe at different locations on the map. Axes are stronger than hammers. They also have a wider swing arc.

However, they do not knock zombies back like baseball bats. Furthermore, it can also be used to chop down trees and break down locked doors.

The damage rating is 17.5. It is a durable product worth trusting. Even with just the run and swing technique, the axe can kill a horde of zombies quite easily.

In Project Zomboid build 41, there are two ways to get an axe.

Crafting an Axe in Project Zomboid

A stone axe can be crafted quite easily at any point throughout the game. It only requires three ingredients.

The first two can be found by foraging for materials in the world. And, clothing sheets can be used as the third ingredient.

Forage is available by right-clicking any grassland area that is forage-able and selecting forage. On the left side of the menu, you can select which items you want to yield from your foraging.

Obtain some tree branches and chipped stones after selecting materials. Making your own stone axe requires only two items. After that, rip a piece of unused clothing into sheets.

To begin crafting, select the crafting menu. Click on the survivalist tab to find Stone Axe. When crafting a stone axe, you can choose which materials to use.

Stone axes are flimsy at first. But, as you gain crafting skills, the axe will become more durable.

Loot An Axe

Look around the map to find a Hand Axe or a Two-Handed Axe. There are a few locations to look out for to increase your chances of finding an axe in Project Zomboid.

The Lumber Mills and the Fire Station are two of these locations. A Lumber Mill can be found northwest of the Muldraugh map.

When looking in storage rooms of houses, sheds, and garages you have a better chance of finding an axe. You can find axes in the wooden crates as well as on the industrial shelving against the walls.

But still the chances of finding one are slim even if you do get to these locations. Through looting, you may need several days to get hold of an axe.

So, if you desperately need an axe and are in a rush, then crafting an axe is the best option.

Final Words

A large number of crafting items are made with axes. Axes are needed for cutting through trees and cutting up materials for construction. It depends on what you are breaking down whether you need a hand saw or an electric saw.

If you intend on surviving in Project Zomboid for a long period of time, you better get yourself an axe soon. As you need them to cut trees, they’re also indispensable if you hope to improve your carpentry skills in Project Zomboid.

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