How to Get a Sword in Valheim (Guide)

A sword is among the most reliable weapons you can use when fighting in Valheim. But, it takes a significant amount of time to unlock it in the game because of how it is designed.

how to get a sword in valheim

In this article, we will talk about how you can get different types of swords in valheim.

How to Get a Sword in Valheim

At the beginning of the Valheim adventure, you’ll be running around the forest collecting wood, stone, and flint to craft your very first weapons and armor.

Starting out, you have only a few options for weapons. A wooden club is one such option. It is the most common weapon used by new players in this club. Alternatively, you could also use a spear or a flint knife.

You will be able to mine copper and tin once you have defeated Eikthyr, the first forsaken of the game. And, after defeating him, you will have access to a wide range of new weapons and items. Your first sword is one of them.

How to Get Bronze Sword

You may not only make a forge to work with, but also craft your very own sword once you’ve mined enough Copper and Tin from the Black Forest.

In Valheim, you can craft the Bronze Sword as your first sword. A mace and polearm can also be crafted at this level.

You will need two wood scraps, eight bronze scraps, and two leather scraps in order to make the bronze sword. It is an excellent starting weapon.

With a couple of swings, our regular graylings will be taken. The sword does only slashing damage. And, this information can be viewed in the forge menu.

When a player swings with all swords and collides with an object or an enemy, the player will gain experience in the sword skill.

How To Get Blackmetal Sword

In Valheim, you can craft the Blackmetal Sword, which is arguably the best weapon. You will be able to slash down even the biggest enemies with this weapon. It is capable of cutting through anything.

You will need the following materials to craft the Blackmetal Sword in Valheim:

How To Get Iron Longsword

Bronze Sword is vastly improved by the Iron Longsword. With it, you can easily defeat larger animals and enemies.

This is a powerful weapon that can be used to defeat the early bosses and some of the larger opponents, such as the Trolls and Greydwarf Brutes.

In Valheim, players need the following items in order to craft an Iron Longsword:

Wood x2
Iron x20
Leather Scraps x20

Final Words

We hope that now you know about how to get swords in valheim. Make sure to collect all the necessary items before going for a sword.

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