How to Get A Katana in Project Zomboid (Easy)

Build 41 of Project Zomboid’s early access allows you to live out your ultimate zombie apocalypse samurai dream.

The new build of Project Zomboid adds the katana weapon to the slew of amazing mechanics and content Katanas are among the sharpest weapons in the game. And, their rarity goes along with their power.

how to get a katana in project zomboid

And, in this article, you will learn where to find a katana in Project Zomboid.

How to Get A Katana in Project Zomboid

In project Zomboid, a katana can appear in two different places. First, the loot was found in nice houses and in a gun store.

Having a katana as a weapon is the second place it can spawn. It is also stuck inside a zombie that is traveling the world. But, these are both quite rare.

Looting a Katana From a Residential Building

In Project Zomboid, there is a chance that a Katana will spawn in certain residential buildings. In some middle-class or wealthy homes, the player may find a katana in the bedroom if they check in there. But, this weapon does not spawn very often.

Many of the nicer-looking houses have wardrobes and dressers with this item. In addition to checking the kids’ rooms, make sure you check the parents’ cabinets as well.

Among the toys and crayons in a kid’s dresser, there could also be a samurai weapon.

As Loot From a Zombie

In rare instances, the undead can be seen with items still attached to them from previous battles. It’s easy to get decent melee weapons by taking out zombies and defeating them.

And, from knives to machetes, you’ll find them all. Zombie spawns can even arrive with katanas stuck through their stomachs.

It’s an easy victory for you. You will be rewarded with a katana for your efforts. But, the katanas are generally 50% durable while trapped in zombies when they spawn.

The Gun Store at West Point

Two important buildings can be found to the southeast of West Point. One is Twiggy’s Bar and the other is a gun store. As we search for our katana, we will focus on the latter.

The possibility of this weapon spawning in the gun store exists. You’ll have to start by removing the metal fences inside to gain access.

And, as the gun store is locked tight, you can break down one of the walls with a sledgehammer. As a result, you’ll be able to get a lot of weapon loot.

If you’ve gone through every shelf and cabinet in the gun store and still haven’t found one, don’t worry. A room with shelves and wooden boxes is behind the counter in the back room.

So, make sure you check it out before you leave.

More about Katana

Katanas are good weapons. In terms of damage, this may even be the most powerful weapon in the game. The character can usually defeat zombies in 1 or 2 hits even when he doesn’t have any skill with long blades.

For this reason, long blades are incredibly powerful. It’s best to hold it with both hands. One-handed use is also possible.

The damage bar in the inventory of the katana is completely filled when you hover over it in-game. There is also good durability to the katana. In the long run, the katana will eventually break and become unusable.

Repairing the Katana in Project Zomboid

Currently, Project Zomboid does not allow the player to repair the katana. And, as soon as the katana’s durability is zero, it will break.

It will then become useless. The katana may be repaired in a future update. This page will be updated as soon as that happens.

Increase Chances of getting Katana

The player can also do something else to improve their chances of finding a katana in-game, other than just looking in the areas described above. A player is also able to select a difficulty level for their game before the game starts.

Customizing a sandbox lets you change many different settings and options in the world. It involved changing the types of loot that spawned.

You can set the frequency at which different types of weapons and items can appear as loot under the ‘Loot Rarity’ sub-menu. To do this, select the item type.

Then, select ‘Melee Weapons’. And, set this to abundant. As soon as your game starts, you have a greater chance of finding melee weapons in all containers in the world.

And, as a result, you are more likely to find a katana as loot in Project Zomboid.

Final Words

Having a Katana is still a dream of many project zomboid players. So, know you know how can you get one.

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