How to Get a Fishing Rod in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can become self-sufficient by fishing. During this zombie apocalypse, fishing is a great way to catch fish and get a steady supply of delicious food.

how to get a fishing rod in project zomboid

So, here’s How to Get a Fishing Rod in Project Zomboid.

How to Get a Fishing Rod in Project Zomboid

In general, there are two different ways of getting a fishing rod when playing alone.

We’re going to dive into how to accomplish both of these methods in the best way possible in the following guide.

Craft a Fishing Rod

Project Zomboid allows you to craft fishing rods just like any other item. Nevertheless, just like with any other item, you will need to learn the crafting recipe as well as all the required materials and tools.

In Project Zomboid, you can make a fishing rod fairly easily. However, you will need to find a few items that are rare.

Learning How to Craft a Rod

The Angler USA Magazine is the first thing you need to know. In your travels throughout Knox County, you will come across this magazine. It spawns a good portion of the time.

Many houses in the region have it in their bookcases. If you want to be even more certain of finding it, check out the Westpoint Book Store.

What You Need to Craft the Rod

You will need the following materials to craft a fishing rod:

A Sturdy Stick: Crafting can provide you with a sturdy stick. You will need a saw and plank.

Using the crafting menu, you can make 8 sturdy sticks. Planks can be also crafted from logs of wood that you collect by cutting down trees with an axe.

Twine (2 units) or fishing line: Like most other items, twine can be looted. Twine is mostly found in the garages of houses and quite commonly in hardware stores throughout the globe.

It comes in five-unit rolls. This means that you can make an and a half fishing rod out of each roll of twine. For making fishing rods, the fishing line is more durable than twine.

However, it is more difficult to find. The best place to find a fishing line is at a hardware store.

Knife of some kind: To make the fishing rod, you will also need to use a knife. Ideally, you should use a stone knife or kitchen knife.

Assembly of the Rod

You can assemble your very own fishing rod once you have read the Angler USA magazine and have all the items above.

The durability of your rod will depend on the skills you possess in crafting and whether you use a fishing line or twine.

Loot a Fishing Rod

Though this method is purely dependent on luck, it can be the quickest and easiest way to obtain a fishing rod. You might be able to find a fishing rod if you look on shelves and inboxes.

But, you can get pretty tired of this pretty quickly. This is because fishing rods spawn pretty rarely.

In the options when creating a custom sandbox game, you can tweak item spawn chances to improve your chances of finding certain items in the game.

Where will I Find a Fishing Rod in Project Zomboid?

If you are looking for a fish catcher 3000, there are different areas to consider. Specific items spawn more often in certain buildings and areas.

The following areas have links to where they can be found on the Project Zomboid Map Project.

  • Houses with garden sheds
  • Look out for shacks in the forest that are lone
  • Stores that sell hardware

Final Words

This is all about How to Get a Fishing Rod in Project Zomboid. Do comment if you have any queries or suggestions.

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