How To Get a Bow in Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

As everyone tries to live out their Viking fantasies, Valheim is currently dominating Steam charts. The game revolves around crafting your way to a home on a new frontier.

And, the game will challenge you on a number of levels. This is why you should be armed.

how to get a bow in valheim

Check out this guide on how to get a bow in Valheim.

How To Get a Bow in Valheim

You can craft the Crude Bow as your first bow. This bow requires the following items:

  • 10 Wood
  • 8 Leather Scraps
  • Workbench

Crafting A Bow in Valheim

The crafting recipe for the Crude Bow will appear in the Workbench’s crafting menu if you manage to acquire at least one of these items.

You can obtain wood by cutting down trees and interacting with fallen branches. You can collect leather scraps by hunting boars.

Now, head back to your workshop once you have all these items. And, craft the Crude Bow once you have all of them. Just click the Craft button on the workbench UI. And, you’ll have your first bow after a short wait.

You can equip the Crude Bow from your inventory. Simply right-click on it. It can also be assigned to a quick bar so you can easily access it at any time.

Adding the Crude Bow to a hotkey is as easy as dragging and dropping it to one of the numbered slots above your character’s inventory.

Done. The Crude Bow is now available to you.

How to Use the Bow in Valheim

The bow’s controls are easy to learn but difficult to master. Just as it would in real life, your arrow will drop when you launch it from the bow in Valheim.

Arrows in the game are affected by gravity. You will have to aim higher above the target the further away your target is in the distance.

We will go over the controls for the bow before we can discuss the aiming process.

Valheim’s bow controls are:

Draw an arrow: Hold Left-Mouse button
Shoot arrow: Release left-mouse button
Block: Right-mouse button
Dodge-roll: Space while blocking
Aim: Mouse movement

Depending on how long you draw the bow, you determine the strength of your arrow shot. A circle will appear over the aiming reticle once you start drawing the arrow.

And, the circle will gradually shrink. The arrow has been drawn back as far as possible once the circle stops getting smaller.

You are now ready to release your most powerful shot. Holding back the arrow for a longer period will also result in more accurate shots.

Your character will be able to draw back arrows even more quickly once they have leveled up the bows skill. In addition, it boosts the amount of damage your character is able to do with each arrow strike.

The arrow initially flies very low by default. However, you will notice a great improvement in your accuracy and reload speed once you improve your bow skill.

Your character gains experience and levels in the bow skill by hitting enemies and other objects with arrows.

Crafting and Using Arrows

Bows would be meaningless without arrows, of course. If you plan to use bows in Valheim, you will need ammunition. Fortunately, Valheim offers a wide variety of arrows that you can choose from.

At this point, we will just begin with the most basic of all arrows: the wood arrow. Each wood arrow is made in sets of twenty. And, you will need 8 regular wood units to craft 20 wood arrows.

If you have the space, the arrows will automatically appear in your inventory once they are crafted. The wood arrow has a base damage of 22.

However, this can vary depending on your level of bow skill. You can find the real damage output of an arrow by referring to the yellow numbers in brackets.

You can use this to determine how much damage you do based on your character’s current level.

Equipping Arrows in Valheim

Bows equipped with arrows in their inventory will be automatically equipped if the player has a bow equipped and arrows in their inventory.

Opening your inventory will allow you to choose the type of arrow you want to use if you do not have any equipped or want to change it.

Simply, right-click on the type of arrow you want to use. And, the arrow will be equipped with your bow. You can then shoot with it.

It’s important to learn this lesson because some arrows are hard to make and you don’t want to waste them.

Valheim All Bows List

You now know everything there is to know about bow combat thanks to this guide, so let’s explore some of the other bows you can use.

Currently, Valheim offers four bow types. Due to the early access status, this may change. We’ll walk through the four bows.

We will also tell you how to unlock their crafting blueprints so that you can craft them.

Crude Bow

In Valheim you can craft the Crude Bow as your first bow. You will be able to purchase this bow once you have defeated a boar and collected their leather scraps.

You will also have to build your first workbench. This is the weakest bow of all. It represents a significant upgrade over the melee weapons you’ll begin the game with. Moreover, it is an excellent hunting tool early on in the game.

Crafting Requirements:

10 Wood
8 Leather Scraps
Level 1 Workbench

Finewood Bow

The Finewood Bow is the second tier of ranged weapons. This bow is an improvement over the first one. The Finewood Bow’s base damage value is 10 damage, as you can see from the tooltips above.

This damage value is higher than that of the Crude Bow. Everything else about the bow remains the same. The wood, however, is completely different from the first bow.

Crafting Requirements:

10 Fine Wood
10 Core Wood
2 Deer Hide
Level 1 Workbench

If you click on the links for each type of wood above, you can learn more about how to acquire them in Valheim.

Huntsman Bow

The Huntsman Bow is the third bow in the line. You will need metal for the first time on this bow. This is a formidable weapon.

Even the size of this bow has grown significantly from the two bows before it. With this bow equipped, your character will be unable to move as fast as usual. But, if you are not using the bow, you can always sheathe it.

For you to craft the bow, you must have beaten The Elder, the second forsaken, in order to reach the sunken crypts in the swamp and get your hands on some Iron. The rest is fairly straightforward.

Crafting Requirements:

10 Fine Wood
20 Iron
10 Feathers
2 Deer Hide
Level 1 Forge

Draugr Fang

The most powerful bow you can get in Valheim right now is the Draugr Fang. In the future, more content will be added to the game which is expected to change this. Until then, it’s as it is.

Despite the fact that you don’t use the best metal to craft it, Draugr Fang is one of the game’s endgame items. The only bow in the game that is made with the best metal. Blackmetal, is not in the game.

Base damage is 47 for the Draugr Fang. However, it does 5 Poison damage upon hitting. Since it is a ranged weapon, it is the only one with an elemental component.

You don’t even have to choose which arrow to shoot to deal poison damage. You will always inflict 5 extra poison damage on-hit when you launch a wood or fire arrow.

And, when equipped, the Draugr Fang slows your player down by 5%, as the Huntsman Bow does. Only one of the workstations will need to be upgraded to craft this bow.

The player can craft this bow once they reach the swamps mountains biome and defeat Bone mass.

Crafting Requirements:

10 Ancient Bark
20 Silver
2 Deer Hide
10 Guck
Level 2 Forge

Final Words

There were all the bows available in the game. You now know exactly what you need to strive for in order to become the dedicated specialist in the ranged weapons of your crew.

There will be updates to this guide as new content is added to the game. So, you can bookmark this page and check back occasionally to see if anything new has been posted.

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