How to Fish in Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

Fish is a safer way to obtain raw food than killing animals for their meat, though there are other options. It is also faster than taming a boar or loxe.

how to fish in valheim

Here’s how to fish in valheim. You will be easily able to fish by following the method below.

How to Fish in Valheim

You can fish in Valheim if you have a fishing rod and some bait. And, finding a body of water is the first step in fishing.

Fish can be found in rivers or in the ocean. So, try different spots. We have found rivers to be good fishing spots. Fish are easily visible in the area since it’s easy to see if they’re there.

Equip both the fishing rod and bait after finding a spot. In your inventory, both items should appear blue. You can cast your line by holding down the left mouse button.

If you want a short cast, let go of the button early. You can also hold the button until your character stops moving to ensure the maximum casting distance.

The hook will splash down into the water as soon as it hits the water. You can tug the line a short distance by clicking the right mouse button. If you want to catch fish, keep doing this. While you wait for a bite, be patient and tug often on the line.

You can hook the fish by pressing the right mouse button when you see a small splash appear around the hook.

After a bite, you will see the word “Hooked” on the screen. Slowly reel your fish in by clicking the right mouse button.

It’s important to pay attention to the fish’s movements while reeling it in so you can find the right rhythm. Trying to pull it in too long will lead to the hook popping out. You will lose your fish.

You can gain some raw fish by pulling the fish all the way to the shore. And, it is possible to cook your catch in a cooking area after you catch it.

You will gain 45 health points. And, you will also gain 25 stamina points. You’ll gain 2 health per tick. The effect lasts for 1,200 seconds (20 minutes).

You can make fish wraps out of cooked fish and barley flour once you learn how to farm. Each wrap will provide 60 points of health.

They also add 90 stamina points. You will heal for 4 HP per tick. And, your healing will last for 2,400 seconds (40 minutes).

Final Words

Fishing with a fishing rod in Valheim is undoubtedly the best method. However, you can also fish without one.

It’s just a matter of approaching shallow waters. And, using the “use” button will allow you to grab the fish before it swims away. Tactics such as this are only effective in shallow waters where you can see have fish in them.

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