How to Fish in Project Zomboid Build 41

You will find this guide useful during your fishless days in Project Zomboid. Today we will discuss how to fish in Project Zomboid.

how to fish in project zomboid

Let’s begin.

How to Fish in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, fishing is a good source of infinitely sustainable food. The process is relatively simple. Additionally, your survivor doesn’t suffer too much in the process. And, almost no risk is involved.

Due to a large amount of water on the Project Zomboid map, you can always find a secluded spot to fish. It is also quite easy to cook fish in the game, and there are many ways to prepare it.

To put it simply, fishing is a risk-free method of obtaining food.

The rest of this guide will focus on showing you how to fish using a fishing rod you have already purchased.

Things Needed to Fish in Project Zomboid

A fishing rod and bait are needed for fishing in Project Zomboid.

A Fishing Rod

Looting a fishing rod from a hardware store will give you a fishing rod. You can also craft one by locating the appropriate crafting recipe in the crafting menu.

Getting a Bait

In different locations on the map, it is possible to find fishing lures that can be looted and used to fish. Garden sheds and hardware stores are common places to find lures.

You will have to look hard, however, because they are relatively rare. Even if it doesn’t happen right away, keep looking. Baits are re-usable and can be reused time and time again.

By foraging on the ground, you can find worms that can be used as bait for fishing. A foraging area can be selected from the menu by right-clicking on the map.

Then choose ‘Fish Bait’ on the left side of the foraging menu to only search in the ground for worms.

On the right side of your inventory, you can decide whether the worms should go in your pack or straight into your inventory. By clicking okay, the character will go looking for worms.

Until you have found and attached the worms to the rod, there is no need to do anything. After you have gotten to the fishing interface, you can do that.

Where to Fish?

You can start fishing as soon as you have your fishing rod and bait. The map has many bodies of water where you can catch fish. Our little fishy friends swim around in rivers, lakes, and streams.

So, get to the water and prepare to live off the land.

How to Use the Fishing Menu

Project Zomboid makes fishing quite simple once you have all the necessary items. Click on the menu button that says ‘fishing’ and go down to an area that has water.

The Fishing menu will appear after clicking the fishing button. You can do anything related to fishing from here, such as selecting bait and looking at your catch. In many ways, fishing is much like foraging.

Using Different Baits

The right-hand menu on the screen lets you choose what fishing rod you want to use and which bait you want to use. While fishing, you will occasionally catch baitfish.

The bigger fish you catch with this bait will be bigger than with worms. At the moment, there are three different types of bait in build 41 of Project Zomboid.

There are worms that can be found while foraging. There are bait fish that can be caught by fishing. In addition, there are lures that can be looted.

Raising your Fishing Level

Just like most skills in Project Zomboid, raising your fishing skill is a matter of fishing regularly. You will become better at fishing as you practice more, and you will also catch bigger fish.

Fishing will become less exhausting as you improve your skills. Finding fishing skill books will also help you gain experience more quickly.

When you read books such as ‘Fishing for Beginners’, you’ll have an easier time learning the first 2 levels of fishing. Reading is a great way to level up your fishing skills.

How to Cook Fish in Project Zomboid?

The game has an abundance of fish, even though they are not the most filling. You may even be able to stay full for days if you catch a big enough fish.

You can slice the fish into filets directly in the cooking menu. And, after the fish is cooked, you can slice it up to get the cooked filets.

You can begin cooking your fish once you have sliced it up. In order to prepare a particular dish, you can either throw the fish into a fry pan or roasting pan.

To enhance the quality of the fishy feast, you can add other ingredients and condiments.

In addition to making your character more unique, you will also be able to boost the character’s ‘fun value’. Because eating is a lot of fun.

You will also need to have a cooking dish and a fish on the cooking menu. In any case, you can also place the fish directly into a microwave or oven without needing a cooking dish.

It is time to begin cooking your dish once it has been placed in the oven. Please make sure that the correct container is open on the right side of the inventory menu.

Move the food to the appropriate container by dragging or right-clicking. Select the oven by right-clicking. Then select the settings.

The oven’s temperature can be changed here. You can also set a timer to run for a certain period of time.

Just wait for your food to cook and don’t forget to turn on the oven. To find out how long it will take to cook your food, turn on the oven and open the oven inventory. Try not to burn your food by overcooking it.

Final Words

This is all about How to Fish in Project Zomboid Build 41. You can use these tips to organize a successful fishing trip.

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