How to Fish in Cryofall

The first step to catching slippery fish in Cryofall is learning how to catch them. For this, you’ll need a fishing rod. First, one must learn the blueprint.

The technologies tab allows you to do this, like other items. You can access the technology screen by pressing the G key on your keyboard. The button can also be selected from the top of the UI. As soon as you reach the technology screen, click on Tier 2. Select Fishing from the menu.

Fishing Technology

As soon as you select fishing, a menu similar to the one in the picture above should appear. Three types of bait are available on the menu, along with the fishing rod.

This is the only fishing-related research in the game. Once all of these items have been researched, you can begin fishing. Well, sort of. It is necessary, however, to craft a fishing rod first. In addition, you need to prepare bait. Without bait, a fish cannot be caught!

Crafting a Fishing Rod

After learning the first skill in the fishing area, you can make your own fishing rod. The fishing rod is made on the workbench.

A fishing rod can be crafted from the list of items that can be crafted. A fishing rod can be made with the following materials. It is necessary to have the following items:

  • 3 Iron Ingot: Created by putting 5 units of Iron Ore into a furnace per ingot.
  • 10 Thread: Combine 3 units of Fiber to create a unit of thread
  • Wood Planks: Process wood logs into wood planks

Now that you have all the necessary items, you can begin crafting your own fishing rod. The items should be placed on the workbench. The right-hand menu has an option called Craft. As soon as the fishing rod is finished, it will appear in your inventory. During the creation of the rod, you can even move away from the workbench.

Getting the fishing rod equipped is as simple as dragging it into the numbered slots on the quick bar. You can equip the fishing rod by pressing the number or simply clicking it. Before you learn about the workbench, you cannot create your own rod. Make your way to the workbench. Right-clicking it will allow you to interact with it. All crafting options are available on this menu.

How to Get Bait For Fishing

How to Fish in Cryofall

Three types of bait can be unlocked through fishing technologies. These are as follows:

  • Insect bait
  • Cut bait
  • Boilee bait

Insect bait is the easiest to make of these baits. In order to make this recipe, you only need one simple ingredient.
All bait is crafted during the cooking process. If you intend to fish, you must build one. We will discuss where to find insect bait in this guide.

If you want insect bait, you will have to find a specific type of enemy. Crawlers are what they are called. This crawler is what we’re looking for. The bodies of these monsters can be looted for insect meat once they are defeated. I recommend finding a Crawler. You can see what you need by looking at the image below.

How to Fish in Cryofall
A Crawler – The Enemy

You can loot this enemy for some insect meat. You can cook insect meat once you have it. Insect bait can also be made from it. This is your first fishing bait, congratulations.

How to Fish in Cryofall

With a rod and bait attached, you are now ready to fish. Start fishing in the water. Start fishing by clicking the left mouse button. Cast out your rod. It’s just a matter of waiting.

Sooner or later, a fish will come and take a bite. Once that happens, you will know. You’ll know when it’s time when the float starts bobbing.

Once you see the float bob, press the left mouse button again to reel in the fish. You might catch a fish if you time it right. A big congrats! Unfortunately, it may pass you by. When the fish escapes, you’ll be notified. The bait can be consumed even if you do not catch a fish. When fishing, be sure to time it well.

Final words

We have all been waiting for this moment for a long time. This is the first fish that you have caught. Having your fishing rod and bait ready, you’re ready to go fishing. The fishing rod should be set up as shown. Press the R key. Fishing rods are equipped with this key for attaching bait. It won’t work without it. You can now head to your nearest fishing spot with your bait on your rod.

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