Valheim: How to See/Find Friends on Map

It can be lonely in the Viking afterlife. Yet, it does not have to be.

Guests can join you in purgatory in Valheim, whether they are friends or strangers. hen you can cookout or defeat bosses such as Eikthyr.

how to find friends on map in valheim


In Valheim, you and your nine pals can explore its biomes.

How to See/Find Friends on the Map in Valheim

With the M key, players can access navigation and find places they’ve previously visited using the map by default. This map has several options to choose from.

It also shows the areas you’ve already explored. The symbols in the right-hand corner of the map screen allow you to set markers on the map. On the map, you have several options.

How to be Visible on the Map

By opening up the map and finding this button, you will make your location known to every other player on the server. Open up the map using the ‘m’ key and look down at the bottom.

Select the checkbox on the bottom right which reads ‘Visible to other players. Once you have checked this box, everyone on the server can see your location, so proceed with caution.

And, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about PvP since Valheim isn’t that much of a PvP game. After you have selected this, all other players will be able to see where you are and which direction you are facing.

If you get separated from your friends in Valheim, this is crucial.

How to Find Your Friends

In the current version, you cannot make yourself visible only to friendly players on your server. So, don’t allow people you don’t trust to join your server.

You must also open your friend’s map in order to see where they are in Valheim. Then look at their map of the same area.

You should be able to see their location after they have checked the box. If you cannot see them at first, you may need to zoom out.

You may not have explored that part of the map yet. But, you still can see their location and where they are moving even if you haven’t explored their part of the map.

Final Words

This is how you can see and find friends in valheim. Do comment down your tips and suggestions.

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