How to Find Clay in 7 Days To Die (Easy)

Not sure where to get clay if you’re new to the game? Not even sure why you need it?

The fact that clay is a resource makes it an extremely valuable commodity. And, it is used in a variety of crafts, and where and how you can find it depends on which platform you are playing.

Clay is also needed to make the forges, as well as for smelting to make upgraded tools. Here’s how to find clay in 7 days to die.

How to Find Clay in 7 Days To Die

You can get clay easily in 7 Days to Die. Clay can be obtained by simply destroying the ground in any biome in the game.

And, it is recommended to use a shovel in order to break the ground and obtain clay. However, you can also use your bare hands to get clay by hitting the ground.

You can see which items you have gathered at the bottom right of the screen

It is possible to get clay from the soil even when hitting the ground with bare hands. Aside from plant fibers, clay is another resource found in grassy soils.

If you break up the ground in a desert, you will get clay and sand. And, we recommend getting yourself a shovel if you are planning to go clay hunting.

Get Clay by using a Shovel

Digging in the ground with a shovel is much faster than you would expect. It also yields more resources for the player.

You will receive 3-5 units of clay every time you hit the ground with the shovel in 7 Days to Die.

And, following the destruction of the dirt, you will get another 10 or so pieces of clay. That’s not bad for a few shovel loads.

Clay is best obtained with a shovel

This character got 38 units of clay in one hit, as you can see in the image above. This was done with only a stone shovel.

For crafting purposes, you can certainly dig up dirt with a stone shovel and get some clay.

How to Craft a Stone Shovel

You’re probably going to have to build your own shovel in order to get clay. The shovel is made of stone.

There is also no need to smelt any metal just yet. The shovel can be crafted without a workbench or anything else.

Making your own stone shovel

To make a shovel, you will need three kinds of materials:

Small Stone: Picked up from the ground by pressing the interaction button
Plant Fibers: Tall grassy plants that grow on the ground. Also found when soil is destroyed
Wood: Produced by hitting trees with tools or with bare hands

It’s not difficult to make a stone shovel from the above list of items. Even at the beginning of the game when you have nothing, all the resources are pretty easy to obtain.

Now, open the crafting menu once you have all the items. And, at the top of the menu, type shovel in the search bar.

Tooltip for shovel in-game

The shovel should appear on the list. Select it. Next, select Craft from the small menu on the left.

Alternatively, you can simply press W after you’ve gathered all the materials needed to craft the shovel.

Uses of Clay in 7 Days to Die

In the game, clay is one of the most useful resources. And, in order to progress in the game, everyone will need to find clay at some point.

The forge requires 60 Clay Soil, as well as other materials. So, in other words, the player will never be able to make advanced ingredients without first obtaining soil.

Metal smelting takes place in the forge

Other recipes in 7 Days to Die require clay to craft. Clay and rocks, for example, are required in order to create walls and floors made from cobblestone.

Ironically, clay is one of 7 Days to Die’s most versatile ingredients. It can be used to make dirt blocks. It can also be used to grow food and plants.

If you find some clay, you’ll enjoy crafting with it for a very long time.


Where to find clay in 7 days to die? It can be found on the map, represented by brown, pond-shaped deposits. A Stone Shovel, an Iron Shovel, a Steel Shovel, or an Auger are the best tools for mining Lump of Clay. It is most commonly used in the Forge, although it requires 50 Lump of Clay to craft it.

Why can’t I find clay in 7 Days to Die?

If you are playing Navezgane map, there is a chance that clay will drop from dirt or sand randomly. This map needs to be updated to include clay around bodies of water, deep lakes, etc.

Final Words

This is all about how to get clay in 7 days to die. Do comment down your favorite uses of clay. Thanks for visiting.

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