How to Feed Your Bonedog in Kenshi (NEW)

You can feed your dog by placing some kind of food item in the backpack of one of your characters. After placing the food in the backpack, move your dog near that character. They will eat the food if they are hungry enough.

Food can also be dragged onto the ground if you do not have a backpack. Bonedogs will eat anything you throw at them. They will also eat corpses of dead enemies.

Once hungry, the bonedog will automatically approach a corpse in order to sate their hunger.

how to feed your bonedog in kenshi

In more detail, let’s check out this article on How to Feed Your Bonedog in Kenshi.

How to Feed Your Bonedog in Kenshi

In Kenshi’s fantasy world, humans are allowed to eat anything they want. It also allows bonedogs to eat anything they want. For instance, they can devour the bodies of their enemies.

There are corpses all over Kenshi, so it is something we consider a feature. The food will even be provided for free. You can also have your bonedog companion help you clean the grounds while reducing the cost.

Kenshi always kills, and there are lots of bodies lying around.

Dead bodies, and rotten, and spoiled meat are all things humans should not eat. Bonedogs, however, can eat everything humans can and cannot eat.

Best Ways to Feed Dog in Kenshi

You can feed a dog in Kenshi in a few different ways. All animals in Kenshi can be fed in the same way. Some, however, cannot consume body parts.

Recycle people

When a body is on the ground, Bonedogs automatically eat it, provided it is actually dead and not just unconscious. Feeding your dog this way is cost-free for you.

Put food items in the backpack

Any food item in an inventory or container can be dragged and dropped into a backpack. The food will automatically be eaten by your dog when it becomes hungry after being placed in the backpack.

Put food on the ground

You can throw an item on the ground if you drag it out of the inventory screen. In order to satisfy their hunger, the bonedog will automatically consume the food on the ground.

Why Feed the Dog in Kenshi?

Kenshi believes that survival is the most important aspect of staying alive. Following survival, however, is hunger.

Our case would be the animal’s hunger. The stat level of the hungry animal gradually decreases, eventually reaching a negative multiplier.

As it decreases, the multiplier becomes worse. Therefore, you must keep your start as high as possible. For this, you need to feed your dog. Dogs get hungry quickly.

What Do you feed the Dog in Kenshi?

  1. Chewsticks
  2. Cooked Vegetables
  3. Dried Fish
  4. Dried Meat
  5. Dustwich
  6. Foodcube
  7. Foul Raw Meat
  8. Gohan
  9. Grand Fish
  10. Meatwrap
  11. Raw Meat
  12. Thinfish
  13. Rice Bowl

Final Words

Now, you will be easily able to feed the bonedog in Kenshi.

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