How to Feed Chicken in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers players the opportunity to raise a wide variety of animals. And, chickens are the most popular animal among players in the game due to the relative cheapness of coops made specifically for chickens.

Eggs and big eggs are produced in Stardew Valley by chickens. Each chicken’s happiness determines the size and quality of its eggs. The chicken’s feeding, warmth, and petting affect their health.

how to feed chicken in stardew valley

But, it can be difficult for new players to figure out how to feed the chickens in this game. Don’t worry. Continue reading.

How to Feed Chicken in Stardew Valley

Chickens can eat grass. And, grass not refer to the firm plants that players cannot cross unless they cut them down with a scythe.

The grass is long and soft, which they can also level with a scythe. Chickens must be let outside of their coops in order to eat this, however.

The player needs to stand outside the farm building in order to open the coop or another animal holding building.

The player’s entrance to the building is blocked by a vertical door. Players can open it by right clicking or clicking whatever button is mapped to their secondary action.

This will allow the animals to leave the building. But, during the night, when it is raining, or when it is winter in Stardew Valley, animals do not leave the building. So, the animals will also not eat grass during these times.

Hay is another choice for chicken food. In addition to purchasing hay from Marnie, you can also harvest grass with a scythe by using a scythe.

But, hay can only be harvested from grass if the silo is empty. You can build silos like other farm buildings with Robin.

Getting Hay for Chickens

You must grow grass in order to get hay. You can then cut it down with a scythe once it is fully grown. If grass grows outside of your farm, you can do the same thing.

When Marnie is at her ranch in Stardew Valley, you can get hay there as well. She will sell you the hay directly.

Once you change areas, you can get to Marnie’s Ranch by walking to the first building on the right after leaving your farm to the south.

Once you enter her ranch, you will be able to purchase Hay for your chickens.

Allow the Chickens to Eat outside

You can also let your chickens graze outside. This means you won’t have to give them any hay. But, hay can be quite costly if you have a large number of animals.

So, you can open up the small door outside your chicken coop for your chickens to roam around.

It will be possible for the chickens to roam freely outside. Ensure you have a fence around the outside of the coop. This will prevent them from wandering around the farm.

On rainy days or during the winter when they can’t graze, the chickens will not leave the chicken coop. In these times, they will have to be fed hay to stay alive.

Final Words

This is all about How to Feed Chicken in Stardew Valley. Players can use chickens as a crucial resource, especially at the beginning of the game.

The goal is to establish a steady income stream. And for that, chickens need to be fed properly in order to produce eggs of better quality.

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