How to Feed Animals in Rimworld [Guide for Livestock & Pet]

You must feed your animals in Rimworld if you want them to survive, and also for your own survival. This is because of their role as a food source.

As a result, knowing how to feed them as soon as you get them is very important.

Here’s How to feed animals in Rimworld.

How to Feed Animals in Rimworld

Rimworld Farm

You can choose from a wide variety of animals in Rimworld. From livestock to pack beasts to pets and security animals, the game offers a wide variety of animal choices.

Each animal has its own stats and hunger meter. This means some animals become hungry faster than others. The animal who will be defending will also have different diets depending on the animal’s speed and acceleration.

Food must be placed in the designated area of each animal in Rimworld events to feed it. You should also ensure that the food is a part of the creature’s diet.

Types of animals in rimworld:

Herbivorous or plant eaters graze on any grass in their natural habitat that is available. Muffaloes and some other herbivorous animals, such as the cow and horse, eats plants, including haygrass, berries, and other vegetables.

Carnivores or meat-eaters are other types of animals. They will only consume meat products. Wargs and Timberwolves, for example, eat only raw meat.

Omnivorous eat both meat and vegetables. It is possible to feed them in the same way as herbivores and carnivores. If they lie in the vicinity of their allowed area, meat-eating animals and omnivores can also be fe corpses. It is not uncommon for animals that are omnivorous to eat corpses that are lying in their permitted areas.

Dendrovorous animals are the fourth type of eater on Rimworld. Trees can also be consumed by these animals, along with plant-based foods. Rare Thrumbos and Alphabeavers are examples of these animals.

Common Food for all the Animals in Rimworld

All animals in Rimworld eat prepared meals, such as kibble and pemmican. By preparing meat into kibble and meals first, you can force herbivores to eat meat.

muffalo rimworld
A pack animal muffalo useful for trade runs

Wargs are the only animals that will not eat these items. Raw meat and corpses are the only foods Wargs eat. If you keep feeding them grass, they will die. Picky animals will obviously have a difficult time finding good food early on.

You may think it is a good thing if a group of animals wanders into your area and joins your colony. It is important to ensure that you have the capability to keep these animals (and your colonists) fed before accepting them into your colony! A nice leather Labrador couch would always be appreciated if not.

Why Rimworld Animals Still Aren’t Eating

“My animals still aren’t eating!”RimWorld animals may refuse food for the following reasons:

Type of Food: You are not providing your animals with the food they eat, or you are not able to find the food they eat.

Allowed Area: There is food placed in an area that is not allowed for the animals to access, and the animals cannot access it. Before placing food for animals, make sure they are in the permitted area.

Health: Health issues may also contribute to the animal’s failure to consume food in-game. It is possible that the animal is incapacitated or is unable to walk because of health issues.

Hunger : You might not know that your animals are eating other plants or grass. It could keep them from getting hungry. As a result, they may not be eating the food you have placed in front of them.

Feed Animals in a Pen

A bunch of new features was added to Rimworld in the 1.3 updates. In order to prevent certain animals from leaving your colony, you must now keep them in a fenced-in area.

In addition to creating a pen for your creatures, you should also provide them with a food source they can access.

Therefore, you can either stockpile food for them in their pen, or you can just grow food for them in there.

Ideally, you will have the pen on the grass. Thus, most of these animals are able to graze freely without much feeding from you.

Unless their grazing area is large enough, you need to build a small stockpile zone for their specialized food. So, make it a high priority.


How do you take care of animals in RimWorld?

As long as animals are fed and slept, they will satisfy their own needs.

Food: Animals will eat any available food according to their diet. The Hunger Rate of animals is different from that of humans.

Rest: It is normal for animals to sleep when they need to. An animal that has been tamed will sleep in an animal sleeping spot, an animal sleeping box, or an animal bed. Animals will crash out on the ground if none of these are available. Tamed animals will not sleep while their masters are drafted.

Final Words

That’s everything you need to know about caring for your animals in Rimworld. The animals will now thrive and eat well.

If you have any other questions regarding feeding the animals, please let us know in the comments.

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