How to Farm in Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

In the dangerous and wild biomes of Valheim, domestication and farming are crucial for Viking survival. Farming provides food, clothing, and other necessities.

how to farm in valheim

In Valheim, ensuring a steady supply of food and leather is one of the best things a player can do. At first, this can seem challenging.

But, players’ Vikings can be kept well fed and well clothed with the help of a well-run farm containing domesticated animals and vegetables.

How to Farm in Valheim

It isn’t necessary to create a Valheim farm in order to move forward in the game and win Odin’s favor.

However, while farms will take time to create, they will eventually pay off for your Viking and make life so much easier.

Getting the maximum benefit from food is the main benefit of farming. You will not only be able to get food locally. Also, you will be able to gather different ingredients for better recipes.

For example, you might be able to increase your health and stamina for 600 seconds by eating a raspberry. You can also grow turnips and prepare a turnip stew.

Your character will gain 50 stamina and 50 health for 1600 seconds.

Let’s look at it in detail.

Domestication in Valheim

Players can begin domestication once they have built a house in Valheim. There is also the option of domesticating wolves, boars, and lox, as well as establishing beehives.

A fully functional farm allows players to make turnip stew and cooked meat. They can also gather leather scraps for as long as they like. Nonetheless, players will need a few things before they can begin.

Crafting a Cultivator

It is necessary to work the terrain so that seeds can be planted on your Valheim farm before you can start harvesting crops.

Your first step is to craft a Cultivator. When you defeat Eikthyr, the game’s first boss, you’ll receive this tool.

You can use this tool to create arable land once you have it. You can then plant seeds there.

This tool can also be used for other purposes. It can also be used to grow grass on dirt patches.

Taming Boar

The first animal tameable and able to be brought home to the farmer’s farm is the wild boards. It takes a few days to tame the Valheim boar in the game. Nonetheless, the effort is worth it.

You can make the process even more lucrative by taming two- and three-star boars. These animals will drop additional raw meat and leather scraps from Valheim.

Valheim requires players to build in a fenced-in area before they can tame a boar. A gate should be included in the fence and the area should be relatively small.

After leaving the gate open, the player can look for nearby boars to aggro, and then bring them into their pen, closing the gate behind them.

To tame it, players need to build small enclosures. And, to start a breeding program, they will need two enclosures.

All players need to do is feed the two boars red mushrooms, blueberries, and/or raspberries for one in-game day without scaring them.

While avoiding the boar’s fear, sneaking around the pen will increase a player’s sneak stat.

Watch the yellow hearts drip from the piggy’s snout as you feed the board. When the boar has been tamed, there will be an explosion of yellow hearts. They can now be petted and walked by without being bothered.

The simple way to get boars to breed is to continue to feed them. Boars continue breeding as long as they have room once their baby pigs are grown.

The herd can be culled in order to promote breeding, leather scraps can be collected, and raw meat can be added to the inventory. Some of Valheim’s best recipes include raw meat, which is needed to tame Wolves.

Domesticating Wolves

Once domesticated, wolves are incredibly helpful animals. Players can breed them to yield large amounts of meat. They can protect their homes with Wolf pelts.

If a player breeds enough wolves, they can even defeat bosses in Valheim. You should head to the Mountain Biome to tame wolves with extra food, a heap of raw meat, a pickaxe, and a good shield.

Right outside of the Mountain Biome, dig a large hole so that animals won’t be able to escape. Players can prevent their wolves from being killed by passing Valheim stone golems by doing this.

Running (hold shift), running forward with W, and jumping will allow the player to escape the hole. The goal is to achieve a double jump so players can get out of the hole without digging.

Learning Recipes

If you aren’t sure how to use the crops you harvest from your Valheim farm, there is no sense in creating one. So, you must know about different recipes.

Currently, carrots and turnips are the only crops that can be consumed. Carrots can be used to tame boars and to make carrot soup.

You will gain 20 health and 60 stamina for 1500 seconds. Boars are fed turnips, and turnip stew is made with them. The stew provides 160 seconds of health and stamina.

You will find it easier to cook if you learn which foods to prepare and how many benefits they provide. This is especially important early in the game.

Make sure you can prepare cauldrons as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to prepare these recipes.

Growing More Seeds

It is known that carrot and turnip seeds can be obtained from their respective biomes. However, you have another option that doesn’t require you to leave your Valheim farm to obtain these seeds.

You can grow three seeds of carrots or turnips using the Cultivator if you plant a carrot or turnip.

Hence, it is better to produce seeds first when starting a farm instead of food when you are just starting out.

When you have a significant number of seeds, you can start growing food.

Protect Your Crops

This purgatory is always full of enemies and aggressive creatures. Your precious crops would be destroyed and all your hard work would be lost to them. Keep your farm protected by fencing it in.

Stakewalls or round pole fences are two options available to you.

Final Words

Farming is an essential practice in order to live longer and survive in Valheim. Hopefully, after reading this article, you must have got some information about farming in Valheim.

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