How to Farm in Project Zomboid (Easily)

Obtaining consistent food is one of the most important benefits of Project Zomboid Farming. This helps players to survive as well.

But, survival depends on sustainability, especially in Project Zomboid where resources are limited. And, scavenging can be dangerous due to the undead hordes.

As a result, building a farm is essential to surviving. So how exactly does Project Zomboid Farming work?

how to farm in project zomboid

Here’s all about How to Farm in Project Zomboid.

How to Farm in Project Zomboid

If you want to start farming, all you will need are seeds to grow some produce. Seeds can be found in many different container types in Project Zomboid.

The sheds of the many residential buildings scattered across the map are one of the best places to find seeds.

Meanwhile, a warehouse is a good place to look if you’re in town. It is possible to find many types of seeds in large storage crates.

A tool that can be used for plowing is also a great item to have. Hoes, two-handed garden forks, or even trowels can be used for this purpose.

It is technically possible to plant seeds by digging a furrow with your hands. Nevertheless, this method is time-consuming, dirty, exhausting, and even dangerous.

So, if you wish to plant a large vegetable patch, you should invest in some kind of farming tool.

For all your farming endeavors, you will also require access to water in Project Zomboid. Project Zomboid crops will require water in order to thrive and grow. You will have plenty of crops to eat if you keep your plants well-fed.

But, keeping farms alive in Project Zomboid is one of the biggest challenges. So, with this guide, hopefully, you will become an expert farmer.

Starting Farming

In order to start farming in Project Zomboid, you will need to set up a few things. You cannot simply plant seeds and hope they grow!

First, find a place with grass or dirt to start your farming operation. You can even dig up some dirt to make your own dirt areas. You can also place it on the rooftop of your base.

Right-click on the area where you want to plant your veggie patch once you’ve found a nice spot.

To dig a furrow with hands, select either ‘Dig Furrow with Hands’ or ‘Dig Furrow’ if you have a digging tool.

Upon selecting the option, your cursor will change to an image of dug-up dirt. In this step, you can choose where your character will dig the furrow to plant seeds.

If you do this, your character will become easily exhausted. Therefore, be aware of your energy levels while you do this.

After you have located the spots where you wish to plant some produce, either left-click or press Esc to exit this menu.

You may notice that all of the seeds available for planting on furrowed areas are red now. You must remove seeds from their packets even if you have them in your inventory.

Select the seeds you wish to plant from your inventory. Then, select the one you want to plant.

Once the seeds are opened, you can choose to add them to your inventory. The seeds will now appear in your item inventory.

Then you can plant the seeds once you have the seeds. But, before you can plant the seeds you want, you will need to open up the packet and add the single seeds into your inventory first.

You have to open up each individual packet of radishes to obtain the seeds from inside, even if you just started with strawberry seeds.

By clicking “Out of Inventory” after opening the seeds, you can leave the screen.

Or you can press the ‘I’ key by default. To access the farmed area’s interaction menu, you can right-click on it.

Once you’ve selected ‘Sow Seed,’ another menu should appear. The menu lists every type of seed you can plant in this area.

Scroll down to the name of the plant you want to grow and select it. As soon as you select a furrow, your character will automatically plant the appropriate seed.

Now, your first crop has been planted in Project Zomboid. Congratulations! You will soon be a master farmer.

Final Words

Farming is a very important aspect of project zomboid. And, after reading this article you will be able to create your own farm.

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