How to Farm in Cryofall (Farming Guide)

Cryofall’s best way to sustain yourself is through farming. Farming in the game allows the player to grow their own crops to eat

However. In the beginning, farming can be a little confusing, as can other game mechanics.

how to farm in cryofall

So, this guide will explain how to begin farming in Cryofall. Thus, you’ll be able to sustain yourself from your own crops.

How to Farm in Cryofall 

As with all other objects, we’ll need to unlock the ability to farm before we can start growing. The technology system in Cryofall is quite advanced. And, by spending learning points, we acquire new abilities and objects.

In farming, the same is true. You can see a bunch of different sections when we choose the technologies menu from the top of the UI.

You can also open the menu by pressing G. Technology at tier 1 should be the default. If it’s not, go to the top of the list and select it.

Here’s a look at the farming section in tier 1 technologies. Our first step will be building our first farming equipment and structures.

We recommend choosing agricultural equipment. Here we will see what the farming skill can teach you in the beginning. then, we will provide a farming table, land for growing crops, and seeds.

Tier 3 will be the limit for farming. This is currently the highest level of farming-related research that we can conduct.

The levels are as follows. And see what other farming-related research is forthcoming. Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s move on to the second tier.

How to Find Seeds for Farming in Cryofall?

There will be a lot of players who get stuck on this one. We’ll be able to create seeds at the farming workbench after we’ve learned how to create them.

We need an actual tomato and sand to make tomato seeds, for example. Collecting sand is fairly straightforward.

Getting vegetables is another story. So, if we’ve unlocked the ability to craft seeds, we are able to forage seeds from the world already.

Seeds can be found in forests all around the world in Cryofall. Simply, pick up small green plants. And, we may find seeds occasionally.

There are different types of seed plants, but all of them look very similar to the little fiber plants seen in the image below.

We won’t need to hunt for seeds for a type of plant a second time once we’ve found it once. Our plants will produce multiple seeds at a time.

This means that the plant will produce multiple crops. We can create more seeds from the vegetables we receive from your harvest.

Therefore, more plants will grow. It’s just a matter of finding the seeds at first.

Farming in Cryofall?

Having found some seeds and researched all that we need for farming, we can now get to work.

First, we will construct a farm plot where we can plant our crops. Be sure to stock your toolbox with some tools. Then, press the B key to access the construction menu.

The menu can also be selected from the UI’s top. Go to the tab called Food on the building’s menu. And, find the farm plot and select it.

Note that once the farm plot is in place, it cannot be moved. We need to choose our location carefully.

Press the build button after you have selected the farm plot. It is important to keep in mind that all of the materials in the building menu will be needed. You will not have to add materials to the farm plot since it will be built instantly.

We need to choose a place where we can start growing crops. But, before you start growing crops, we should probably set up some water sources.

Also, please keep in mind that straight lake water cannot be used for your crops.

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Planting Seeds

After we have a few plots of land laid out, we can now start planting. Take our seeds out of their containers and plant them. And, fill the bars at the bottom with them. These are called quick bars.

It’s easy to distinguish this from the rest of your inventory because each slot is numbered. Just drag the seeds into the appropriate slots.

And, click the corresponding number on your keyboard to equip these seeds. Alternatively, you can click this icon with your mouse.

Now, when the seeds are equipped, click on an empty plot to plant them. That’s all there is to it.

Those crops are officially yours. So, take care of them now. In addition, also keep in mind a few things when growing crops. The crops should be watered regularly to avoid drying out.

Caring For our Crops

Once we have learned how to make a watering can in the research technologies, we can craft our own. Let’s go over to the farmer’s bench.

You can interact with it by right-clicking. We can create items and objects connected to the farm here. This copper watering can be made, as shown in the image above. At the moment, any watering can craft will do.

Now that’s what we’ll have to deal with. We will have to fill up the watering can and use it to water your crops, as you can probably imagine. Unfortunately, we can’t directly use lake water for irrigation.

First, we’ll need to fill up a bottle with water. Afterward, we’ll fill up the copper water can. And, if you prefer, you can also fill up a water bottle. After boiling it, you can drink it. Then, fill up the watering can then.

You can either fill up a watering can by taking it to a well and clicking on it. If you equipped a watering can and press the R key, it can be filled with bottles of water.

And, by pressing this key, the water will be emptied straight into the can. The watering can fill three times with each bottle of water.

It is also possible to water six plant areas by default using copper watering.

Watering Crops

It’s time to feed the plants now that we have water in the can. In order to equip the watering can simply drag it into the quick bar.

And, select it by clicking the mouse or pressing the corresponding number. Now, our character should now move to the crops that we have planted and press the left mouse button.

The character in our story will not water the crops. Farming in Cryofall does not require crops to be watered. The fact is that you can speed up the growth of your crops by watering them and keeping them hydrated.

The growing time is sped up by 100% in Cryofall when you water your crops. Alternatively, they could be fully developed in half the time.

Mulch and Fertilizer

By adding mulch and fertilizer to our crops, we can also speed up the crop growing process. In the first tier of farming, you can create the matchbox. You can use the mulch box by throwing organic matter into the input part of it.

As the mulch box decomposes, it will provide a good source of fertilizer for our crops. You can hold an item in your inventory while the mulch box menu is open if we are unsure whether our item belongs in the mulch box.

And, this can be useful when it is not possible to put an item into the mulch bin. A red area will appear in the input box in these cases. In any other case, we can drag unwanted organic items into here.

Tossing rot into the mulch box is one of my favorite things to do. There isn’t much use for it. The mulch box is an ideal place to convert rotting food into something useful.

The rotting food we ate or the snail we killed and looted probably caused us some rot. Now you know what to do with it.

We will get mulch faster if we throw as many things in the mulch box as possible. It will collect in the output area for us to pick up at any time.

Use the mulch in the same way we used the watering can to apply it to a crop. You can now apply the mulch to your crop.

We can speed up the growing process by an additional 100% by spreading mulch on the crop. There is a total of one hour for the mulch and the effects of the crop.

You can then reapply the mulch and the crop. And, mulch can only be applied to a crop in one unit at a time.

Final words

There isn’t much more to farming in Cryofall than that. The only thing left is to wait until your crops are fully grown and ready to harvest.

You’ve learned everything from how to farm in Cryofall to how to water and fertilize your plants. Is there anything else you would like to know about farming in Cryofall? Let us know in the comments.

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