How to Exercise in Project Zomboid (Guide)

Building and training your character’s strength and fitness levels are among the new features included in the build 41 beta of Project Zomboid.

Leveling skills and finding gear are both important. However, you will become involved in some dangerous situations as you roam the world of Knox County. There have been some pretty big changes in the game since Build 41 was released.

PZ was updated with several new systems and other content. Also, exercise has been added to PZ. It can be used to lose weight and stay in shape.

The steam guide for opting into build 41 of Project Zomboid can be found here.

Read on to find more.

How to Exercise in Project Zomboid

Press the H key to open up the health menu and select a training exercise. Alternatively, you can select the health icon on the left. Then, click “Fitness” on the right side of the health tab.

You will be able to access the exercise tab after selecting this option. Then you can start an exercise in the game.

The Fitness menu will appear after selecting this option. A number of new options will appear here. At the time of writing, Build 41 offers the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Burpees
  • Dumbbell presses
  • Bicep curls
  • Barbell curls

Once you’ve chosen an activity, you need to decide how long you want to do it. If you want to choose better, read the descriptions in-game. Each exercise has two main impacts. When you do the best ones, you’ll feel more clumsy, but you’ll get better fitness. The best exercise is probably squats.

Exercises gain experience the more you do them, just like any other exercise.  When you reach a certain level of exercise in the game, you’ll hit a plateau. It’s important to be careful just exercising out in nature, since most of these exercises will leave you tired. Running away from a horde while worn out could be a problem.

What are the Exercises?

You will find a list of all the exercises currently available in the game. It will include a brief explanation of what is happening in each game, as well as the in-game description.

Whenever you begin an exercise, we recommend starting slow just at 30-minute intervals. In the fitness menu, you can see a Regularity meter beneath each exercise.

But, if you continue to do exercises more and more, your character’s body will become less fatigued from each exercise. It is also important to remember that working out hard can result in muscle fatigue and pain.

This combat ability will also be weakened, in addition to slowing your character down. You might even suffer an injury if you work out too hard.

Exercise is only beneficial for the character more regularly if you do it regularly.


Push-ups are the most common exercise. Regular push-ups will improve your character’s strength. In addition to making your characters more effective in melee combat, they will also carry more weight.

But, it is possible for your character to get muscle fatigue if he or she does too many pushups. This would make it harder for your character to defeat zombies.

Push-ups are not recommended unless your character is in a very safe position and does not anticipate any fights in the near future. Performing push-ups means your character will still be able to run at full speed afterward.


The more you do squats, the fitter your character will become once you start doing them a lot. You will gain more fitness levels from squats if you fill-up the regularity bar.

You will also notice a decrease in fatigue when your character finishes a workout. And, after about 20 minutes of squats, your character is likely to get sore legs.


Sit-ups are the next exercise. Your character will become more fit by performing sit-ups. The more often you do an exercise, the more experience you gain.

But, you will get ‘general exercise fatigue’ if you do too many sit-ups. Sit-ups are described as exercise that improves fitness when performed regularly in-game. You will feel fatigued from general exercise, resulting in clumsiness.”

Barbell Curls

The barbell curls are an exercise that requires you to have an item in the game before you can perform them. You must find yourself a barbell before you can do barbell curls.

They are essentially the same as push-ups. This increases your character’s strength at the cost of arm fatigue. It is still a better exercise than push-ups for gaining experience.

The barbell curls are great because the barbell can also serve as a weapon if an uninvited guest interrupts your workout.


Burpees are considered one of the best exercises in Project Zomboid for one reason. They combine strength with fitness. However, they have many negative aspects as well.

Your character will feel fatigued pretty much all over if they do a lot of burpees. You won’t just be slower in general. Also, due to the fatigue on the arms of the character, you will have a worsened combat ability.

This workout is best suited to people who have a lot of free time and will be at their base for a considerable amount of time, without exploring or fighting anything.

Dumbbell Presses

The dumbbell press is another exercise that requires an item. An arm will be used to lift a barbell towards the sky during this exercise.

Like the barbell curl, this exercise increases strength. Similarly, the character’s arms will also become fatigued, reducing their combat ability until they are back in shape.

Is exercise worth it in project zomboid?

You should exercise if you have the time and are in a safe environment. Eating high protein foods, such as peanut butter or straight animal meat, can speed up strength training.

Project Zomboid Exercise Exploit – What is it & Should you care?

Watch the video below and you will understand what the bug is all about.

PS: This was recorded during 41.53 and this bug worked for quite some time. Unfortunately, the game devs found and it was patched in 41.65.

What to do when the Exercise Fatigue is not going away in Project Zomboid?

Waiting time depends on the amount of exercise you did. You would have to play one hour before the debuffs wear off if you did one set of exercises on a real-time server. When you spam exercises over and over and over again after the 12 hour mark, then…well… You can wait one or more days to recover. And for that period of time, it will be pure agony as well as severely buffed in combat/other areas.

How Long can you exercise for in Project Zomboid?

You can just exercise and then rest all you want. Pain doesn’t kill you as far as I’m aware. The best way to get over the regularity bar hurdle is to exercise a lot early. You’ll be penalised if your regularity bar is lower, but it’s definitely beneficial to do it early and just eat the pain. Additionally, squats can be done for at least 50-60 minutes if you just want to train fitness.

Final Words

There’s been a lot of new stuff added to Project Zomboid’s early access. To survive, you have to do a lot of little things in Project Zomboid.To survive, you have to do a lot of little things in Project Zomboid. You can learn to make complex electronics or build bases with carpentry. You’ll get into some dangerous situations as you explore Knox County. To survive, you have to do a lot of little things.

This game has undergone some major changes since Build 41 was released. The official blog post for this update can be found here. In addition to adding new systems and content, the update also added a number of other features. Project Zomboid now offers exercise as one of its many new features. Weight loss and getting in shape can be achieved through this system.

The game has plenty more to teach you. Make sure you’re well prepared before you go out on that supply run. Survival is all about basic things like boiling water. Defenses are also important. It’s a good idea to clean up after all that zombie killing. There’s no need to have blood all over the place. You can also burn corpses.

Exercises gain experience as a result of repetition, and the more you do them, the better your results will be. You will eventually reach a point in the game where you cannot get any more exercise.

These exercises will usually make you tired. So, do not just exercise outdoors. If you are tired and chasing a horde, it could be a big problem.

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