How to Eat in Valheim (Complete Guide)

It may be easy for you to swing a sword. Also, a longhouse can be built in a matter of seconds. And, people can travel across uncharted islands in no time at all.

But, in Valheim, if the only treatment available to you is food, your death will be imminent if you cannot eat.

how to eat in valheim

Well, don’t worry. A lot of time has been spent with the game, and we have found the answer to your question.

How to Eat in Valheim

To survive in Valheim, one of the most important things is to eat. If you don’t raise your stats and eat something, your journey will end sooner rather than later.

Your maximum health and stamina levels will be raised by eating in Valheim. But, certain foods will not only affect these levels, some will also have other effects.

Eating in Valheim

It is time to figure out how to eat the food you have found in Valheim once you have it in your hands. Berries are probably one of the first foods that you will encounter.

After you’ve got them in your inventory, you can open them up by default by pressing the TAB key. Select the food by right-clicking it.

You can see a tooltip for an item by hovering your mouse over it for a second. You can also see how much stamina and health you will gain by eating this item in this tooltip.

For example, if you ate the raspberry, your maximum health would increase by 10. You would also gain 20 stamina points for 600 seconds. You would also gain 1 health per second.

Three different types of food can be eaten at the same time. But, a different type of food can be consumed once one food source has expired in order to gain a different level.

Will you Die of Hunger in Valheim?

Your health and stamina will be raised and your health will be restored by eating in Valheim.

So, does your character suffer from hunger if they don’t eat? No, this is not the case.

You will never starve to death in Valheim if you don’t eat anything. However, you will lose maximum health while you don’t eat.

This will make it easier for the enemy to defeat you. Your health will fall to 25HP at the lowest.

You will not perish if you don’t eat, but you will become an easy target for the enemies of Valheim if you don’t eat.

The character in the above image has eaten three advanced food types while playing the game. As a result, he has attained 209 hit points.

Final Words

So, now you know about eating in valheim. So, just like in real world, you will have to take care of your diet in Valheim too.

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