How to Eat Food in Kenshi (Simple & Easy)

The Role-Playing Video Game Kenshi was developed and published by Lo-Fi Games for Windows and is one of the most popular video games in the genre. The game is played in single-player mode.

If you’re a Kenshi player, you might wonder what foods you can eat and how to do so.

how to eat food in kenshi

So, let’s have a look.

How to Eat Food in Kenshi

In Kenshi, your character can eat the food automatically.

To do so, visit your Inventory. Ensure that you already have food in there. You will then be able to eat food automatically.

If you want to have one character carry the food while the other eats it out of the backpack of the other, you can do so as long as the second character is wearing the backpack.

  • Visit your squad
  • Then click AI
  • Click on Share food next.

If you do this, you will be able to eat the food in other characters’ backpacks.

Where to Buy Food in Kenshi?

You can speak to traders if you want to buy food in Kenshi. First, you’ll need to choose a member of your party. You can then start a conversation with a trader by right-clicking.

After that, click ‘Let’s trade’. You can now trade items with both the character you initiated the conversation with and the trader on another screen.

When purchasing food in Kenshi, be aware that it costs cats. If you want to trade the food for cash, you will need something to trade. If you want to feed your dog, follow this guide.

When will the Character Eat in Kenshi?

When your characters reach a certain threshold of hunger, they will automatically eat. They will only eat until they are full. Some foods may be consumed more than once.

According to how hungry they are, three different characters may eat from one food cube, before it is used up.

If your character has food in their inventory, nearby backpacks or storage containers, or on the ground, they will consume it.

Character Hunger Rate

In Kenshi, your character’s hunger rate is influenced by a variety of factors. A character who walks around with too much weight for their strength level will get hungry more quickly.

Race can also affect your character’s hunger multiplier. In the case of Sheks, for instance, they need to consume more food more frequently. Their base hunger level is 1.

Hiver races require less food because they get hungry half as quickly as humans. Thus, they will become hungry half as fast as humans.

Conversely, skeletons will not need to eat anything at all.

Types of Food in Kenshi

Throughout Kenshi, the characters eat only items that satisfy their hunger. The hunger bar of a character is filled by 1 for every nutrition charge used.

When their hunger reaches 250, they automatically consume some food, unless their only options are edible ingredients. If that’s the case, they won’t consume any food until their hunger reaches 200.

Any food found in a character’s or their squad member’s inventory, including their backpack, can be consumed in Kenshi. Once the hunger bar has been filled, it slowly decreases after eating.

Food is available in Kenshi in a variety of forms. Some of them include:

  • Ancient Nutrition
  • FoodCube
  • Foul Raw Meat
  • Gohan
  • Grand Fish
  • Cooked Vegetables
  • Dried Fish
  • Dried Meat
  • Dustwich
  • Meatwrap
  • Rationpack
  • Rice Bowl
  • Thin fish
  • Chew Sticks

Additionally, there are foods that are edible and non-edible. Let’s look at them:

Edible Ingredients:

  • Raw Meat
  • Bread

Non-Edible Ingredients:

  • Cactus
  • Strawflour
  • Water
  • Wheatstraw
  • Green fruit
  • Riceweed

Feed your Characters Well

Kenshi requires you to keep your characters well fed to avoid capture or death. The character’s stats will be negatively multiplied when they are hungry in Kenshi, regardless of race.

Here is an example of an Outlaw Farmer with a stat penalty of 0.88x. The base level of all skills increases by 0.88 from there.

You can keep your characters alive by keeping them well fed. The thumbnail at the bottom of the UI can be used to see how hungry a character is quickly.

Characters with yellow highlights are mildly hungry. Yellow signifies mild malnutrition, while red signifies severe malnutrition.


Why is my character not eating Kenshi?

A situation where your character is not eating can arise when your base is constantly attacked (turrets are unable to reach enemies within close proximity to the base). Clutter in the inventory is another possibility. It is not possible for your NPCs to eat from storage if they do not have the space to store food in their inventory. Instead, they will be able to eat only from their backpacks.

What can Hivers eat Kenshi?

Raw Meat and Foul Raw Meat can be consumed by most Hivers, although Hive Princes cannot consume Foul Raw Meat.

Final Words

This is all about How to Eat Food in Kenshi. Eating food in Kenshi is a very important task. And, now after reading this article, you know how to do that.

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