How to Dodge in Valheim (Complete Guide)

Valheim places great emphasis on mastering combat skills. When a player has mastered the timing of when to attack, block, and dodge, he or she can become almost unstoppable.

how to dodge in valheim

And, players can use the dodge roll to evade attacks in Valheim, at a cost of some stamina. This guide will explain how and when to dodge.

How to Dodge in Valheim

Holding down the block button allows the player to dodge in Valheim. This is followed by jumping while moving in that direction.

If the player holds down the right mouse button, they can block. Using WASD, move in a direction, then press space bar to roll.

Dodge using a Controller

Controls and keyboard/mouses work the same way when it comes to dodge-rolling.

Be sure to block first. Next, move in a direction and press the jump button. And, to block with an Xbox controller, hold down the left trigger.

With the left joystick pointing in any direction, you can roll by pressing the B button.

For DualShock 4 controllers (PS4 controllers), the L2 button must be held in to block. You can then roll by pressing the Circle button.

Stamina Level While Dodging

When you dodge-roll or block attacks in Valheim, both will deplete your stamina. And, the effects of a large hit from an enemy or a dive through the ground can seriously reduce your stamina.

The character will take full damage if they try to shield a blow with no stamina left. The character may even be stunned briefly. This leaves you vulnerable to additional attacks.

And, each time the player uses dodge-rolling, they will consume half a stamina bar. But, you might find it easier to just sprint away if you are being pursued by enemies, or to jump higher to avoid attacks if you are being pursued.

The use of your stamina during combat in Valheim is one of the most critical factors to consider.

Dodge Without Rolling

A player can also avoid all damage from some attacks if they move a certain distance or move in a certain direction.

And, walking away from an attack can completely avoid attacks that are targeted at a very specific area.

Also, no stamina is required to walk away from an attack. If you simply don’t want to take damage or block or dodge the attack, then this can be used.

Understanding the general attack patterns and where the strikes land of different enemies will enable you to position yourself in a better position to attack.

So, to completely avoid a troll’s attack, walk to the left if you see that they always use their right arm. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to strike them.

Witcher 2 style dodge-rolling isn’t always necessary. It’s often enough to dodge-walk.

Final Words

Now, you will be able to dodge in valheim properly. Do comment any suggestions or tips if you want to share any.

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