How to Dig in Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

Some people may be interested in digging into Valheim. And, you can dig more efficiently by using your pickaxe to remove dirt and stones.

Moreover, the holes are very useful, since they form a very effective natural barrier against enemies in games. Enemies can’t attack your base when you dig trenches around your walls when you dig trenches around your base.

And, your fortress has just one weak point, the entrance. So, you need to reinforce it as much as possible.

how to dig in valheim

Here’s a quick guide to digging efficiently on Valheim.

How to Dig in Valheim

Valheim is a survival Viking game where players can utilize Terra-forming mechanics. And, using a couple of tools, players can shape the terrain.

And, after digging and building up dirt, they will be able to form any kind of ground they desire. Digging is not limited to building purposes only. You can also use it to find certain items or resources underneath the earth.

Now let’s talk about digging in Valheim without further ado.

Dig using Hoe

The hoe can be used for digging and terraforming. You can craft this early on in the game. And, while the player cannot dig down directly with it, they can stand at a low level in the terrain.

To level some ground, use the ‘Level ground’ feature. You will choose the area you want to level. You can smooth it down until it is the same level as where you will be standing when you use the hoe.

It is also possible to elevate the ground up to a higher level by using the hoe in Valheim. But, you must first equip the hoe before you can change how you use it.

Using the right-click button, open the hoe action menu after the hose is equipped. Then, switch to the ‘raise ground’ action.

The player must use four stones each time they wish to raise the ground one level. The hoe, as well as all other components, must be used within reach of the Workbench.

You should have no trouble finding stone if you have been digging or mining with your pickaxe.

Dig using Pickaxe

In exchange for defeating the game’s first forsaken, Eikthyr, the player will be rewarded with Hard Antler.

Antlers are used to create a pickaxe when they are combined with other items on a workbench. The player will receive this pickaxe as the first in the game.

If the player equips this pickaxe, they will have access to a number of new options for terraforming. The player can, for instance, dig directly into the ground with a pickaxe.

You may use this to build moats around your Valheim base and carve a river through the low ground to allow your Karve to reach the base.

And, with the pickaxe, you can not only dig but can also break down copper and tin deposits. Then they can be transformed into bronze to make weapons and armor.

Why to Dig in Valheim?

However, digging isn’t just for aesthetic or construction reasons. You will have to dig at some point during the game. As soon as you defeat Bonemass, the third of the forsaken, you will unlock a new item called the Wishbone.

And, by using the wishbone, players can find hidden items that are usually buried in the ground. So, in order to find valuable silver ore veins and buried treasure, the player will have to dig.

Moreover, digging into the mountainside can reveal silver ore.

Final Words

This is all about digging in Valheim. This skill is a very useful skill to have. So, after reading this article, you know now how to go about it.

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