How to Defeat Trolls in Valhiem (Guide)

For a new player, the Valheim Troll is one of the toughest enemies in the game. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can defeat this gigantic foe.

how to defeat trolls in valheim

As a bonus, you’ll also be rewarded with some great loot. Here’s how to defeat trolls in valheim.

How to Defeat Trolls in Valhiem

Characters in Valheim will encounter the troll as one of their enemies. In the black forest, you can find these large, ugly creatures roaming around at random.

The troll cave is also a dungeon/location in the black forest, along with being a random spawn from the black forest. There is a constant respawning of trolls after a certain number of in-game days.

A troll can spawn in either of two ways. There is a troll without a weapon can spawn. There are also trolls that wield large wooden logs as weapons.

Logs cannot be picked up by trolls for use as weapons. In the game, they may have one or none. And, their attacks will differ depending on whether they are carrying a wooden log.

The troll can also be found in variants with 1 or 2 stars. There will be a slight greenish hue to 1 star trolls and a red hue to 2 star trolls.

Attack Set of Trolls

Trolls attack in two different ways. Unarmed trolls have one and trolls with a wooden log have another.

Wooden Log Troll

With the large wooden log in his right hand, this troll swings at the player with a powerful sweeping attack. As a result of the log, the troll can swing farther and with a larger swing.

There are two types of attacks the troll can make. One of the troll’s attacks will involve swinging the wood diagonally at the player. The attack will generally miss if the player is slightly downhill from the troll.

In addition to its ground slam, the wooden log troll has another attack. When the troll strikes the ground, the wooden log will damage a small radius around the area.

Parrying this attack is possible, but blocking it is not. Players are always hurt by this attack, so the best attack is to just dodge-roll or get away from the troll.

Melee Troll

It is also possible to spawn a troll without any wooden logs. Even without a weapon, the troll packs a punch. So, in addition to two melee attacks, this troll can also attack from a distance with a ranged attack.

As you can guess, the troll’s melee attacks are very similar to those of the log troll. It uses its right hand to swipe at the player.

The team also performs a ground slam attack, which again, cannot be blocked. So, getting some distance from the troll is the best thing you can do.

Trolls are also capable of throwing large stones from a distance at the player. They can do a lot of damage if the player isn’t careful, even though they are generally fairly inaccurate.

Also, as you run away from the trolls, be careful not to turn your back on them.

Defeating the Trolls

Run away from both types of trolls in Valheim and occasionally shoot arrows at them in order to defeat them. The dodge-roll can be used to dodge the attacks if the troll gets close.

To all trolls, piercing attacks are weak. In the game, all arrows deal piercing damage. The spear will prove to be your best weapon in the early game if you intend to use melee attacks to defeat the troll.

The character can do a great deal of damage to the troll early on, just by equipping a dagger and sneaking up for a backstab attack.

You must first find a troll in the black forest before you can defeat it. Attract them to a meadow biome by luring them out. So that you don’t accidentally come across some skeletons or get attacked by Greydwarfs.

It is because the Greydwarfs and Trolls do not harm each other. Hence, they won’t aid you in combat.

Get the troll to come out to the meadow. Then, fire arrows at them until they’re defeated. If the player uses a crude bow and 20 wooden arrows, he or she can defeat the troll.

The player will do backstab damage to the troll if the troll does not see the player and is hit with an arrow. In addition, it will take damage based on the weapon’s backstab damage multiplier.


The player will gain some sweet loot once they defeat the troll. On defeating a troll, certain items are guaranteed to drop and another item has a 50% chance of dropping.

Whenever you defeat a troll, gold coins and troll hide will be dropped. The player may even earn more coins or troll hide depending on the quality level of the troll.

More loot is dropped by stronger enemies. Additionally, the troll has a 50% chance of dropping a troll trophy.

But, at the moment, these trophies cannot be used in crafting. You can only use it to decorate your walls by hanging it on a stand.

It is possible to create the troll hide armor set by using the troll hide that the enemy drops. Early in the game, you can use this armor type for sneaking, as well as for basic protection. A bark spear can also be constructed from this armor type.

Haldor the trader NPC is a place where coins can be collected and used. The player may encounter this NPC once they have explored the black forest biome.

And, in exchange for gold coins, players can trade their valuable loot items with Haldor. .

Final Words

Trolls are definitely a good source of resources. But, defeating them can be a headache. So, be careful while fighting them and use all the tips mentioned in the article.

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