How to Deconstruct and Delete Items in Valheim

It’s all about finding items that will help you survive the dangers of Valheim.

There will be things that you will not really need. So, you can clear those things from your Inventory.

But, for many, the steps to getting rid of them are not clear.

how to delete items in valheim

So, here are all the details you need to know about deconstructing items in Valheim if you want to recoup some of your investment.

How to Deconstruct and Delete Items in Valheim

The best way to get rid of items is to move away from your base and throw them out on the ground.

They will eventually despawn and no longer exist.

In addition, an item can also be deleted if it is currently in the area around the player.

Using the F5 key, the player will be able to open the console and type ‘imacheater’ and press the Enter key to access a series of extra commands.

The ‘removedrops’ command is one of the commands the player can use.

With this command, all objects lying on the ground will be removed.

The player can also boat to the edge and throw the item off.

However, this method is risky, since the player’s gear will be lost if they fall off the edge.

Final Words

This is all about How to Deconstruct and Delete Items in Valheim.

The good news is that chests are cheap and easy to craft in Valheim, so storing items is quite easy.

Additionally, you can always throw away weapons and armor that you don’t want.

So, visit a place you’ve never been to before.

Then, get rid of the item that you cannot deconstruct and do not want.

Then, continue your adventure. That’s it for this article.

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