How to Customize Your Character in Cryofall

In Cryofall, we can create a custom character, as in most survival RPG games. Upon entering the game, players are wondering if they can change the appearance of their character even though they are asked to create one.

Fortunately, we can change our appearance at any time in the game. However, this does not only apply to clothes and armor.

how to customize your character in cryofall

As part of this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to change your existing character’s appearance.

How to Customize Your Character in Cryofall

By pressing the TAB key, we can edit our character’s appearance and edit their appearance.

Firstly, open the inventory and find the button that resembles a person next to a cog. Then, click on it. This will allow you to customize our character’s appearance.

That’s all you need to do to customize your character’s appearance. Your character’s menu will appear as it was when you first created it.

The armor we choose for our character can be changed by researching and crafting new armor.

Customize Your Character in Cryofall

We will be brought to the customization menu once we select the button as shown above. From this menu, we can customize the following characteristics:

  • Gender
  • Face
  • Skin tone
  • Hair
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Hair color

How to play guide for CryoFall?

This page aims to provide a basic guide to playing CryoFall. If you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions, please submit them.

Basic gameplay

CryoFall is a survival/crafting game that incorporates technological advancements. As a result we spend most of our time gathering resources or Food, constructing equipment or Tools, and growing our bases.

It is also possible to hunt. And sometimes we are hunted by our local fauna or other players as well.

In the future, we can raid old Ruins for high-grade materials and items needed to craft the most advanced technologies. The sections that follow provide more information about these gameplay elements.

Quickstart. When we reach an unknown planet, what should we do/build/build first?

The tutorial in the game is excellent. Follow the quests shown in the upper right corner of the screen. During the early stages of the game, these quests guide you.

And we build all the necessary Tools and Buildings. Your quests will actually guide you to the midgame. LP is also an easy way to advance your technology with quests.


Eating and drinking are essential to the character’s survival. In the right bottom corner of the screen, hunger and thirst are displayed as colored bars.

We will die from hunger if the green bar runs out. Thirst is represented by the blue bar.

Consequently, always be aware of these, stockpile food, and have access to a water source.

Our character began by being able to get water from Waterbulb Fruits and other berries. And, one of our first objectives is to secure a reliable source of pure water:

Build a water collection system. Make sure the water isn’t stale or salty. You can learn if a food is safe to eat/drink from the tooltip of the possible food.

And, there you will find out whether you can consume it or not. Berry and fruit consumption is regulated.

Hunting and cooking meat over a campfire is also a great way to prepare fresh meat. You should roast the mushrooms first, however.

It is important to remember that nearly all food spoils. An item’s spoil meter is displayed as a circle in the top left corner and on the tooltip.

The meter starts full and green. Then it turns yellow, then it turns red. So, consume nothing with a red spoil meter. You might get nauseated.


The crafting window (key ‘C’) allows you to craft very basic Tools. There are e.g. Torches, Stone Pickaxes, and Stone Axes.

We need special workbenches for making other items, such as a workbench, an armorer’s workbench, or a cooking table.

The crafting window, where we find other recipes, is accessed by interacting with these buildings.

A Furnace (or ideally 2-3) is an important step in the early game. For instance, it is used to smelt ore into iron ingots or copper ingots. Several recipes call for these materials, which are needed to craft metal Tools and weapons.

In order to begin Farming (mechanic), you need to find seeds. You can also find seeds in Ruins later on. We’ll go there once we’re advanced enough.

We begin by placing some Farm Plots. If a type of seed is selected, it will be planted when the character interacts with it.

And, afterward, we can water and fertilize our plants. Their growth will be slow. In the meantime, we should do something else.

Now, on the Farming Workbench, we make seeds out of the fruits. That way, we can store seeds for the future.

Base Building

A simple toolbox is needed to build any buildings or structures. This can be crafted from the beginning of the game.

Important. If you build outside one of our Land Claims, your buildings will disappear (decay).

Therefore, you should build Land Claim Tier 1 as early as possible. Additionally, as new technologies are discovered and developed, you should consider upgrading this.

Land claims are marked by green areas that indicate our claim borders. It is on this range that we can build.

We will gradually lose our base even if we build a land claim. By simply visiting your base we can prevent decay. During the presentation, you will see the decay timers in action and learn more about the mechanic.

The number of land claims you can place will be limited. Additionally, some servers may be able to override this limit. So, make sure to decide where you want to play.

Your first base could be:

If you want more food and fewer dangerous animals, you should live in the Tropical Forest. You can also live in a temperate forest. The nearest mineral deposits are in the See World.

Nice to have:

  • a lake or the sea nearby (Sand, easy prey animals) near a patch of Meadows for herbs and mushrooms
  • Skills/Technology
  • Character classes are not available in CryoFall. There are, however, skills that add bonus effects to specific actions.
  • Skills that add bonus effects while performing the matching action will level up automatically. We get better at cutting down trees if we chop them down a lot.

CryoFall also gives us experience points (LP) for almost every activity we undertake. Therefore, LPs don’t have to be earned by grinding a particular activity, such as killing mobs.

In order to unlock new tech groups or technologies, the LPs are used. We must first research a tech group in order to enable the root of that tree.

Final words

This is all about How to Customize Your Character in Cryofall, We are unable to change the faction of your character. This is where your character comes from. These boost your stats and gives you different benefits.

You should be careful in choosing your faction at first. As this will not be able to be changed at any point in the game. Neither the technology nor customization can change this.

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