(EASY) How to Customize Shield in Valheim

The purpose of shields is to protect against incoming attacks from enemies. And, a player can craft stronger weapons in Valheim by using the materials he finds there.

It is important to represent yourself as much as possible since players can come together in groups of 3-12. In future updates, the game is likely to allow players to customize their own looks to help them stand out more.

how to customize shield in valheim

But, at the moment, however, players are only able to customize their shields. The following guide will explain how to do so in Valheim.

How to Customize Shield in Valheim

The first step the player needs to take is to craft a shield. There are a few things that need to be done to get the process started.

You will need wood and a Hammer to begin. The first thing you’ll need once you have a hammer is a small shelter where you can set up your workspace.

It is important to have your workbench relatively sheltered from the elements in order to use it for crafting shields.

A shield can be crafted if you collect 10 wood scraps, 4 resin scraps, and 4 leather scraps. If you want to customize a shield, then you should get these items.

Once you’ve got the items, interact with the workbench under the shelter. From the left-hand menu, select the wood shield item.

Getting a Painted Shield Design

The next step is to customize your shield. Several different designs are available. It’s only when you’re actually creating the shield that you’ll be able to customize it.

Once a shield has been crafted, it cannot be customized. Select the shield’s crafting menu. In the UI, select Style.

Click on the style button. You can choose between painted shields or customized shields when you select this option. You can choose between four different shield styles for the wooden shield item.

Make sure you choose carefully because once you create a shield, you are stuck with that style. You cannot recycle a shield.

So, in order to change the shield’s paint style, you will have to craft a new shield.

Depending on what type of shield you are crafting, you can choose between different paints and customizations. And, they are not only different in terms of the material type.

They are also different in terms of the designs. Look at the shield in the crafting menu. There are several different designs to choose from.

However, it is impossible to customize some shields, such as the bronze buckler. It has only one look and cannot be painted in any way.

They will look very different depending on the materials used and the shield level. The paint jobs will also differ.

You can find more advanced materials and shields with different stats and styles in Valheim, without spoiling too much of the advancement.

Final Words

Valheim is currently in early access, so additional customizations may be added to the game in the future.

At the moment, we’re showing off three different shield styles. In later versions of the game, perhaps more in-depth customizations and custom designs will be included. Or perhaps a mod will be created for Valheim that allows customization of items.

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