How to Craft Armor in Cryofall (Easy)

There will be some pretty dangerous nights in Cryofall during our first few nights. Additionally, we will have no idea what we are doing.

Moreover, we’ll discover that there are things in the world that want to hurt us. Luckily, the player can make and equip a variety of armor to better protect themselves.

how to craft armor in cryofall

Armor shields the player from enemy attacks. In addition, it offers warmth and protection from the elements.

How to Craft Armor in Cryofall

We need to learn how to craft everything in Cryofall before we can create anything. Click on the Technologies tab to discover new recipes. And, by pressing G, we can easily get there.

As an alternative, we can just click the button at the top of the UI. Navigate to the Defense tab. Then, from the Defense tab, we will learn how to craft our first set of armor.

Learning points are necessary to learn these. Through tutorial missions, we will achieve this. Also, by attacking local fauna throughout the world, we will achieve this.

When you have enough cloth armor, learn how to make ropes before it. The industry tab also features a workbench that we must build.

Our cloth armor can be crafted once we have learned all of these crafting recipes. We will have to gather some fibers from the ground.

These can be collected from small green plants in the forest. You can also collect them from sugar canes on the beach. And, for each piece, we will need nine fibers.

Crafting an Armor in Cryofall

Come back to our base once you’ve collected 18 fibers. Make sure the workbench is built. This is where the armor will be assembled. From the workbench, select the thread from the crating menu.

We can create hats and shirts with 6 units of thread. From the workbench crafting menu, select the cloth shirt and hat. Then, click on the crafting button. And, wait for it to complete.

Our player’s inventory should contain the armors once we’ve crafted them. The most basic armor type is cloth armor.

The glass will break easily and won’t offer much protection, so don’t be shocked if it does. Simply, head to our inventory to equip it. Using the TAB key, we can get here easily.

Find the cloth armor once you are there. Click and drag it onto the character’s body armor slot. Our character will show that it’s the only one that isn’t highlighted in red.

Next, highlight the hat. It should obviously be placed on the head armor slot. And there we have our character, ready to fight. Probably a small fight.

Unlock Better Armor in Cryofall

There is no way that cloth armor will be enough for us. Cryofall offers many different armor types with different advantages and disadvantages.

The same method we used to unlock the cloth armor also works for unlocking new and advanced armors. It can be found under the technology tab.

In the same menu as cloth armor, we can find a couple of different armor types. You can find both bone armor and braided armor on this menu.

And, in order to build these advanced types of the workbench, we’ll need an armor workbench.

It unlocks automatically when either of these armors is learned. We will be able to create advanced armors using the toolbox.

Final Words

As the armor gets more advanced, we’ll need more advanced materials. To do so, we’ll probably need to learn new recipes. For example, we’ll need metal for more sophisticated armors.

And, in order to get the metal, we’ll need to climb the industry’s tech tree. Nevertheless, our time here generally pays off since the armor gets better and better over time.

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