How to Craft and Equip Armor in Valheim

As far as fighting goes, Valheim is one of the toughest survival experiences.

Thus, it’s essential for you to wear the best possible armor in every battle.

How to Craft and Equip Armor in Valheim

This Valheim Armor guide will teach you how to craft and equip armor in Valheim.

How to Craft and Equip Armor in Valheim

Valheim is an excellent new Viking game. You could easily get lost when playing this game, because there is so much to see and do.

So, you can create armor along with weapons and structures.

You can equip armor in Valheim by right-clicking when it is in your inventory once it has been created on the workbench.

When a piece of armor is equipped, it will occupy one slot in your inventory. The armor will weigh the same when equipped.

Creating & Upgrading Armor

You will be able to craft yourself a Hammer after cutting down a few trees in Valheim.

By combining materials, you can make things such as structures and other items with a hammer.

The workbench will be one of the things you need to build before any structure is constructed.

The workbench can be used to create weapons and armor as long as it is covered by a roof.

Leather armor will be some of the first armor you can create.

To craft your first armor sets, you’ll need to hunt a few boars and deer.

Get some boars, and perhaps tame and domesticate them.

Gather up as many leather scraps as you can. These can be used to make armor on the workbench.

Once you have the armor, you can equip it by right-clicking on it in your inventory.

Repairing Armor

A workbench is also available for repairing weapons and armor.

Old things aren’t worth throwing away just because they are flashing red and have reached zero durability.

On the left side of the Workbench UI, you can repair armor by pressing the hammer icon. But, you cannot choose what to repair.

You can still repair everything in your inventory by simply pressing the repair button as much as you like.

In Valheim, repairs are free. Also, there are no materials or penalties associated with repairs.

Best Valheim Armor

Valheim’s Padded Armor set is the best armor.

In the game, the Padded Helmet, Cuirass, and Greaves provide the highest protection against damage.

With Padded Armor, a Wolf Fur Cape is the best cape to wear. It also provides protection from frost.

Together, these two sets provide a whopping 100 Armor at maximum quality (79 at base quality).

You will be able to defend yourself against almost any enemy in the game, including the various bosses in Valheim.

Armor Pieces

In Valheim, your character can wear 4 different pieces of armor simultaneously.

However, you can only wear one of each item at a time.

A leather tunic cannot be worn under a breastplate, for example.

It’s pretty self-explanatory what each piece of armor does.

The first one is the Torso. You can wear a variety of body/torso pieces, from tunics to breastplates.

Next are the legs. Initially, you will wear pants, progressing to metal greaves, and finally some heavily armored pieces later.

Then comes the helmet. This is the most obvious piece.

Discover and craft some really interesting and well-designed helmets in Valheim.

Last but not least is the Cape. The Valheim cape can be crafted and worn by you.

Comparatively speaking, these armors provide very little defense.

However, they can have some cool bonuses beyond their looks.

The troll armor has a set bonus as well.

If the player has leg armor, a tunic, a cape and hood made of troll hide, their sneaking ability will increase by 25%.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about how to equip armor in Valheim. Do comment any queries or suggestions.

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