How to Craft a Smelter in Valheim (EASY)

Metal armor and weapons can only be crafted by Valheim players who have built a Smelter. And, the Smelter must be used before the Forge can be used to refine ore and scraps. Also, the ore is refined using charcoal in the Smelter.

how to craft a smelter in valheim

This shows how important a smelter is in Valheim. So, here’s a detailed guide on crafting a smelter in valheim.

How to Craft a Smelter in Valheim

You can open the building menu by right-clicking the hammer. Then, choose the crafting section from the available options. Here you will find the smelter. Simply, click on it.

But, in order to construct a smelter, you’ll need 5 Surtling Cores, 20 Stone, and to be within a Workbench’s building radius.

You can place the smelter either on a stone floor or on a relatively level area of the ground once you have met all these requirements.

Also, the game currently does not allow users to build smelters on wood floors. And, once the player has collected at least 1 unit of stone and 1 Surtling Core, the crafting recipe for the smelter will be unlocked.

Using the Smelter

It will be possible to start using the smelter as soon as it is set up. However, you will need to have a way to handle the smokiness created by a smelter if you want to use it inside.

For that, you could build a chimney on your roof. The smelter actually produces smoke in a room that damages nearby players. It is similar to the fireplace.

Also, the smelter is divided into three parts, each of which has a specific purpose. Let’s take a look at them.

Ore Insert

The smelter has this on the left side. Here you have to put your unprocessed metal ores. The ores need only be in your inventory to be placed in this part of the smelter.

Then walk up to the hole in this side of the smelter. Now, to smelt your ore, press E.

Also, you can drag a stack of ore to any one of the numbered slots in your inventory if you have different types of ores in your inventory.

So, g to the ore insert. Click on the corresponding number. As a result, the ore will be ready to be processed inside the smelter.

Adding Coal to the Smelter

The area where coal can be inserted into the smelter can be found to the right of the smelter. In order to smelt ore or metal, you must have coal-burning inside the smelter.

You cannot burn coal if there is no ore in the smelter. And, the smelter will only use coal when something needs to be smelted.

Your inventory should contain coal. You can place coal inside this hole on the side of the smelter by interacting with it. And, the coal does not have to be in a numbered slot in your inventory.

Keep in mind that only coal be placed here. You cannot place wood in this slot.

Output Area

Metal is discharged from the front of the smelter. After a certain period of time, you will get a metal bar out of the smelter if both coal and ore types are present.

So, smelters are placed in different areas of the base and funnels are being created. These use gravity to move the metal to a place where it can be gathered in bulk.

The player is able to pick up the metal once it leaves this area and place it in their inventory. And, processing of the metal will follow the order in which it was put into the smelter.

For example, you will process 3 scrap iron before 7 copper if you put it into a smelter first.

Final Words

We hope that you know how important it is to have a smelter in Valheim.

And, we also showed how you can craft a Smelter. We also looked at the different parts of the smelter and their uses.

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