How to Couch Lance/Brace Spears in Bannerlord

The best army combat simulation game on the market is Mount and Blade Bannerlord.

And, as well as being able to control and lead troops into battle, your character can also take part and fight alongside your troops directly.

When fighting an enemy in Calradia, players have access to many different weapons and mechanics.

So, our topic for today is bracing spears and polearms in Mount and Blade Bannerlord.

What is Couch Lance?

The act of bracing a spear involves holding it firmly in one position and having an enemy run into it. When you are on the ground and a cavalry charge is coming towards you, bracing a spear can be incredibly useful.

If you brace your spear by sticking it against the ground, it will stick up vertically at one point. And, if the rider rides into it head-on, they can suffer great damage.

Couching is more of a term used for riders and cavalry charges. Whenever a horse is being charged, the spear can be positioned under the rider’s arms to help support it.

And, when you get close to your opponent, you would not thrust the spear directly at them. You must brace the spear in one position and ride it straight into them.

How to Brace and Couch a Spear in Bannerlord

You can couch a spear while riding a horse if you ride at a medium pace. To brace the spear against yourself, press the X key on your keyboard after you have reached a good pace.

And, if you have successfully done this, you should be able to see your character like the one pictured above. Now ride towards your enemy and use your new spear technique to eliminate them!

In Bannerlord, you can now also brace your speech while standing on the ground after a recent update. Previously, this technique was only available for horseback riders.

Now you can use certain weapons on foot by pressing the X key. And, when done on foot, you can use a spear brace.

This maneuver can only be performed by certain weapons. Look for the weapon’s information in the inventory screen if you want to find out if this is possible.

You will see the Spear Brace tag when selecting the spear that can be braced.

Weapons That Can Be Couched in Bannerlord

The special couch technique in Mount and Blade Bannerlord cannot be used by all spears and polearms. Starting with two-handed weapons, this couching technique can also be used with some one-handed weapons.

In your character’s inventory or when you access the trading screen, you can see a tool-tip for the weapon. Look at the tooltip for the individual weapon to find out whether you can couch with it.

And, whenever the weapon can be braced on horseback, the weapon’s tooltip will display the stats for Couch Lance.

The Spear weapons cannot be couched in the current version of Bannerlord. Pikes and lances are the only weapons that can be couched.

Even then, you won’t be able to couch many of the lower-end lances. So, .make sure you check each weapon carefully before purchasing. You may buy an unbraced weapon.

Crafting a Couch Lance

Horseback weapons can also be crafted by the player. And, players must craft a two-handed pole-arm in the smithing menu under “two-handed pole-arms.”. They can also use it as a couch lance, depending on the handle they choose.

bannerlord how to couch lance

Just play around with different designs if you wish to make your own. You can check your handle’s compatibility with the couch lance mechanic at any time by switching to the UI menu.

And, if you are using the weapon as a couch lance, you will see the weapon stats next to One-Handed and Two-Handed.

Final Words

This is all about how to couch brace spears in mount and blade bannerlord. Make sure to read the article thoroughly. Also, do share any tips regarding this topic in the comment section.

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