How to Cook in Project Zomboid (Easy with all Recipes)

Project Zomboid allows you to cook food either on a Campfire, Microwave, or Oven depending on what food you have.

Cooking and preparing specific recipes will also require cookware.

how to cook in project zomboid

Here is more about How to cook in Project Zomboid.

How to Cook in Project Zomboid

The first step in cooking in Project Zomboid is to find food and a cooking place. Food can be cooked in an oven or over a campfire. Cooking in an oven is easier.

However, it requires electricity. It is likely that you will need a campfire if you want to survive long enough.

Right-click an oven to turn it on. Choose open settings. You will see a menu appear. Here, you can control the heat.

The heat can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Use whichever you find most intuitive. You can also use a timer.

It’s best to watch the food cook until it’s done. It should be removed immediately from the oven to avoid burning.

When you are ready to begin cooking, turn on the oven and set it to about 200 C or 400 F. Next, use the tabs on the top to move food from your inventory into the oven.

Putting food in the oven’s storage menu is all you need to do. So you can’t cook food specifically. Just put the food in the oven’s inventory. The food will cook if the oven is hot and on.

A cooking progress meter appears when your mouse hovers over the item so you know when to take it out of the oven.

Cooking food over a campfire also follows the same process. It will take fuel and an ignition source. Many flammable objects can be used as fuel, including wood, books, and even socks.

Lighters and matches are needed to start a fire. They are usually found in houses and vehicles. And, as long as the fire remains lit, you can toss some food into the campfire and it will cook.

Don’t Burn the Food

Make sure you check the food after you place it in the microwave and turn it on to make sure it won’t burn. Burnt food can contribute to boredom. In addition, it can cause food-related illnesses.

Hovering over the food item in the microwave container will allow you to view the food in real-time. With build 41, you can also assess the ‘Cooking’ meter to find out how long until the meal is cooked.

In this hover menu, you may also be able to view the nutritional value depending on your skills and starting profession.

Find Recipes in Project Zomboid

Build 41 of Project Zomboid contains various magazines so you can cook a variety of different foods. Project Zomboid maps indicate various locations where you can find these magazines.

Cooking levels increase naturally as you cook more. As you level up your cooking skill, you will be able to learn advanced recipes, so continue to cook.

There is a profession called cooking that you can choose to start your culinary career in Project Zomboid.

Characters with this trait gain instant access to a wide range of recipes in Project Zomboid, and their cooking skill will be multiplied permanently.

If you plan to be the chef for a Project Zomboid community or multiplayer group, this is a great place to begin.

Project Zomboid Cooking Recipes

If a player has the right skill level, tools, or read a particular recipe magazine, they can make several cooking recipes in Project Zomboid.

Players will need to combine specific cookware with the food if they have everything they need. The next step is to cook or add ingredients if the recipe requires them.

Players can add ingredients to recipes using the cooking menu. This menu contains an option called “add an ingredient,” which players can select from.

In addition to canning vegetables from your garden, you can also freeze them. Food can be stored in this way for a long time in the game. You won’t be able to rely on the freezer when the water and electricity go out. In order to feed yourself over time, you will need to have things canned.

For other recipes, players need to find the recipe under the cooking menu, then click craft one to craft it and prepare it. Nonetheless, if you are curious about how certain recipes can be made, you can find all recipes in Project Zomboid, along with instructions, in the chart below.

Project Zomboid Recipe What you need to make it
Stew Cooking Pot + Meat or Vegetable
Pot of Soup Cooking Pot + Can of Soup
Burger Bread slices + oven then add any Meat or Vegetable combination.
Bacon Strips Bacon + Kitchen Knife/Hunting Knife
Bowl of Cereal Empty Bowl + 5 Cereal + 2 Milk
Bowl of Stew Pot of Stew + Empty Bowl
Bowl of Soup Pot of Soup + Empty Bowl
Bowl of Rice Pot of Rice + Empty Bowl
Bowl of Beans Pot of Beans + Empty Bowl
Bowl of Oatmeal 10 Oatmeal + Empty Bowl
Slice of Watermelon Watermelon + Axe, Knife, etc.
Slice of Ham Ham + Knife, Meat Cleaver, etc.
Slice of Bread Bread + Butter Knife, Kitchen Knife etc.
Slice of Pie Pie + Knife, Meat Cleaver, etc.
Slice of Frog Frog + Knife, Meat Cleaver, etc.
Slice of Fillet Fish ++ Knife, Meat Cleaver, etc.
Maki 2 Avocado + Seaweed + Fish Fillet or Salmon + Cooking Pot of Rice or Saucepan of Rice
Pancakes 1 Pancake mix + 2 Units of Water then add any fruit combination
Salad Empty Bowl + any fruit, Vegetable, Meat combination
Sandwich Baguette or Bread slices + vegetable, Meat, Condiment combination
Squid Calamari 1 Squid + Hunting Knife, Kitchen Knife, Meat Cleaver, Machete, etc.
Fried Onion Rings 1 Baking Soda + 1 Flour + Onion Rings
Fried Shrimp 1 Baking Soda + 1 Flour + Shrimp
Fruit Salad Empty + any kind of Fruit combination
Gravy 1 Gravy Mix + 2 units of water ( can be from water bottles, pots, etc.)
Jar of Peppers 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Bell Peppers + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Broccoli 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Broccoli + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Cabbage 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 3 Broccoli + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Carrots 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Carrots + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Eggplants 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Eggplant + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Leeks 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Leeks + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Potato 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Potato + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Radishes 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Radish + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Jar of Tomatoes 1 Empty Jar + 1 Jar Lid + 5 Tomatoes + 10 units of water + 2 Vinegar + 1 Sugar
Sushi 1 Fish Fillet or Salmon + Cooking Pot with Rice or Saucepan with Rice
Omelet Frying Pan + Eggs then add any kind of Vegetable and Meat combination
Cake Cake Batter + Baking Pan then add any Fruit combination
Beverage Mug or Cup + Heat source then add Cocoa Powder, Coffee, Honey, Milk, Sugar, Tea Bag
Roast Roasting Pan + Meat
Stir-Fry Frying Pan, or Girdle Pan + Meat or Vegetable
Pasta 10 Pasta + Cooking pot with water + Heat source, then add Vegetables or Meat.
Burrito Tortilla + Meat or Vegetable, Rice, Beans, etc.
Taco Taco Shell + Meat or Vegetable, Rice, Beans, etc.
Muffins Muffin Baking Tray + 2 Eggs + 2 Vegetable Oil + 5 Milk + Sugar + 2 Flour.
Pie First Pie Dough + Baking Pan + Rolling pin, then add Meat or Vegetables.

See the crafting menu to see all the ingredients, items, and combinations you can use.

Do you need everything in your Hands to Cook a Recipe?

The crafting menu allows you to craft every recipe using containers nearby. As a result, you’ll be able to put water and soup in a saucepan even if you have the saucepan in one cabinet, soup in another, and a sink nearby.

And, all the items do not need to be in your direct inventory.

Final Words

This is all about How to Cook in Project Zomboid. You can suggest some useful tactics or tips if you know any.

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