How to Cook Food in Valheim (Guide)

There is always danger in the world of Valheim. If all you have is a set of leather rags and some berries to sustain you, then you won’t last long.

how to cook food in valheim

So, you must learn some culinary skills if you want to survive in Viking purgatory. Here’s everything about How to Cook Food in Valheim.

How to Cook Food in Valheim

It is going to take a humble beginning for you to begin your feast in Valheim. Identifying a source of food is the first step.

As you begin your journey in Valheim, you will find a few different kinds of edible meat. Hunting the Neck would be the easiest.

These small lizards live near the water. To take them down, they generally only require one or two strikes from a club. Each time you take one down, at least one Neck Tail will fall.

An alternative would be to hunt down a boar or deer. You will also find raw meat from them.

Steps to Cook in Valheim

In order to start cooking in Valheim, you will need to create a cooking space. Even early on in the game, you can cook sufficient food to fight off your first boss, Eikthyr, with a simple cooking solution.

For a rudimentary cooking area, here are the materials you will need:

  • Campfire — stone 5x, wood 2x
  • Cooking station — wood 2x

You must first set up your campfire before you can begin cooking. Make sure you set it up somewhere flat. Then, build the cooking station on top of the fire like in the photo above.

You will be able to cook two pieces of food simultaneously with this simple setup.

It is possible to cook food in Valheim by walking up to your cooking station. By pressing E on your keyboard, you can add any raw food to your inventory.

You can place a piece of food on the spit by pressing the number key associated with it in your hot bar.

As soon as your food is above the fire, it will begin to cook. Your food will begin making a sizzling sound after a few seconds, indicating that it’s done.

You should carefully approach it without walking into the fire. Once you have taken the food off the spit, press E again. If you timed it properly, you will have two cooked pieces.

You will turn your food into coal if you wait too long.

Final Words

The healing properties of food are unique. Food will offer you an increase in health if you are in good health. As you reach your new maximum level of health, your health will increase quickly.

You will gain maximum health if you are not in full health. According to where your health is now, you will slowly gain health over time.


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