How to Cook Food in CryoFall

Cryofall focuses on survival crafting. Therefore, survival mechanics are involved. Furthermore, you gain experience points along with stamina and health. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat well. Making food is a bit challenging at first. At first, you might have trouble understanding Cryofall’s blueprint system. It will take some practice, but once you figure it out, you’ll be a pro!

How to Cook Food

Cooking in Cryofall requires a campfire. Simple meals like grilled meat skewers or roasted mushrooms will be easy to prepare. To cook anything over a campfire in Cryofall, you must have a source of the fire.

The wood needs to be burned with charcoal, or you can use wood. The fuel can be placed by clicking on the fuel area. From the list, choose the recipe you want. Make sure each ingredient is placed correctly. The only thing you need to do now is to wait. Enjoy the food as soon as it is ready. More information can be found by continuing to read.

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how to cook food in cryofall roasting mushrooms at campfire

Building the Campfire

After building a toolbox, you will also be able to make a campfire.
There is no need to conduct research on campfires since they are the most basic, primitive form of survival. Build one as soon as possible. Ten twigs and ten stones will be needed to build this campfire.

As soon as you have all the items you need, press B to display the construction menu. The Campfire can be found under the food tab. Click the Build button. The fire should be placed in the area of your choice. Your first campfire has just been built.

Building a campfire

Using the Campfire

You can start using the campfire once you’ve built it and placed it down. Click the right mouse button when you are next to the campfire to interact with it. The campfire menu will appear. The area of the campfire can be interacted with from here. A fuel area, an ingredient area, and an output area are all separate.

Input and Fuel are the only areas where items can be placed. If you’re going to start a fire, you should put wood or charcoal here. Cryofall requires some sort of fuel to light a fire and prepare food. You can view your character’s available food recipes by clicking Browse recipes.

Once you have found a recipe you like, you can select it as your current recipe. Next, fill out the input for the campfire with all the items you want to burn. It will be necessary for you to follow recipes until you are able to cook.

If you throw food into the input box and have the recipe unlocked, a pop-up will inform you that the recipe does not match. The recipe that matches the text can be applied by selecting the option below the text.

How to Cook Food in cryofall

It was incorrectly stated in this example that the mushroom was the wrong type. We were fortunate that the mushrooms we inserted created a new type of recipe. Since they are both roasted mushrooms, they have different effects. A different mushroom is used in each recipe.

It is possible that a matching recipe has not been researched for the food you enter. Due to this, you are unable to cook it at this time.

Cooking At Different Stations

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new cooking methods. Campfires will eventually become a thing of the past. There is nothing better than eating a snack over the fire, but you will eventually move on to the stove and table. As cooking evolves, it will become more sophisticated.

Essentially, it will be like cooking over a campfire. Using the Technology tree, you can unlock more recipes. In the cooking tab, you will find a list of all of these. There isn’t much else that needs to be done with regards to cooking devices once you have created the cooking table and the cooking stove.

Once you upgrade your technology, you can prepare some tasty meals. Ensure that you combine this with farming skills as well.

There will be a lot of farming-related food that you’ll prepare. On the second level of cooking, you can make pickled cucumbers, for example. It is necessary to grow the base vegetable before using it.

Final words

That’s it, your guide to cooking in Cryofall. It takes a little time to get used to the blueprint and cooking system, but once you do, it makes sense.

Exploring and finding new recipes is crucial to expanding your culinary empire. Cooking amazing dishes with new technology is also a must. If you want to preserve your food, you can eventually build a cannery.

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