How to Claim Land and Build in Cryofall

It’s about survival in Cryofall. Building, utilizing technology, and utilizing the materials of the planet is the key to surviving and thriving on this planet. What should you do first? When you are just starting out on your journey, it is vital that you establish a solid foundation. A complex technology system can also make the game seem overwhelming at first.

Through the land claim system in Cryofall, you can build your first base.

How to Research and Claim Land

In order to own a piece of the Cryofall map, we will need to invest in some technology. As soon as you arrive on the island, you will not be able to claim land.

It is here that we find the technologies tab. The technologies menu can be accessed by pressing G. You can also select the menu by pressing the button above the screen. Finding Land Claim technology is the next step. Go to the Construction Tier 1 section. A screen similar to the one below should appear.

How to Claim Land and Build in Cryofall
How to Research and Claim Land in Cryofall – Research the technology of land claim before you can build it

Once you gain enough learning points, you unlock a land claim as your first research. A land claim can be laid down this way, and you can begin building in the area. Building walls and floors is also an option you may want to unlock. Now that your base is ready, you can begin building it! Get started by claiming an area!

Building a Land Claim

The research is almost over, and you are almost ready to claim some land. Before building walls or floors, the land must be claimed.
Before you can claim land, you must build a land claim. It will be necessary to create a toolbox before we can do anything.

Building anything in Cryofall takes place in the toolbox at the bottom of your screen. Equipping it is not always necessary. You must, however, keep it nearby. A toolbox can be assembled with your bare hands using the C key. The crafting menu will appear when you press the C key. From the list, select the toolbox. Below is a screenshot that demonstrates this.

Crafting Requirements to claim land and building it

The Simple toolbox can be made with ten twigs, ten stones, and one rope. Stones and branches can be collected from the ground, but fibers must be used for rope. Create a toolbox once you have collected all your materials. You will then be able to start building again. Your toolbox must be placed at the bottom of your inventory’s numbered bar in order to be used.

Building a Claim

By pressing the B button, you can access the Construction menu once you have a toolbox. A construction option is available at the top of the screen as well. Land Claims is the item we are looking for in the build menu.

Click on the Other tab to access the land claim. Once it has been placed, it cannot be changed. The area the claim protects can be seen by placing it down.

When placing land claims, you will see that they have multiple areas with different tiers. It is possible to upgrade land claim blocks to cover these areas in the future. Pick an open area when placing a claim.

Construction cannot take place near rock walls or the ocean. When selecting a claim area, keep this in mind. Your land claim can be built around once you have it. The construction menu can be accessed by pressing B. It is also possible to build wooden walls and floors.

Cryofall You’re Not the Land Owner

If the player attempts to build in an area without first claiming it, they will see the message “You’re not the landowner.”. Before building, make sure your land has been claimed.

When you do that, you won’t need to worry about this message anymore. One of the most common mistakes is building too close to another player’s area. If a player has claimed their own land, you cannot overlap theirs.

Cryofall Land Claim Upgrade

The player also has the option to upgrade their land claim by doing so, it will increase the amount of land on which to build as well as giving the structures a little more HP, thereby giving the player more land to build on.

Additionally, a timer counts down during the absence of the player. This makes the structure invincible for a short period of time. Initially, it may last 24 hours. As the invincibility duration increases, it lasts longer. Depending on the server, the duration varies. The server settings should be checked for this reason.

Final words

By walking up to your land claim, you can upgrade it. To do so, click the right mouse button. You can access the upgrade menu by pressing the right mouse button. The Main tab will be the focus of our attention, but there are a few others as well. In this section, you can see what items are required to upgrade the claim.

The area of the next tier is also visible here. You can collect these items by clicking on them. Click on the Upgrade button to learn more about upgrading your land claim.


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