How to Change Your Appearance in Bannerlord [Know More]

Did you start a game in Bannerlord using a custom character but you are no longer happy with it? Don’t worry. There is a way to edit your appearance in Bannerlord even after you have started the game.

we will show you exactly how to fine-tune your character in bannerlord. Continue reading.

How to Change Your Appearance in Bannerlord

The campaign map of Mount and Blade Bannerlord allows you to change the appearance of your character at any time. Click the V key to open the Character Customization screen.

Here, you can change many aspects of your character’s appearance, even if you’ve been playing the game for years. The height, weight, voice, and facial features of your character can all be changed.

You can now change your character. However, since the game is in early access, many of its planned features have not been implemented or are not yet completed.

During a game, all players can access the character customization screen at any time and take advantage of the new features.

And, if you want to go back to the screen, press V. There’s no limit to how many times you can change the appearance of your character.

Why to Change Appearance

There are times in games when you just want to change things up. Also, nothing in the game changes if you edit your character’s appearance.

Any changes to their appearance will not affect the interaction between the character and any of the NPCs. The exception is the hitbox.

You can change your character’s height to make them easier or harder for enemies to hit in the game. The higher your character stands, the harder it is for enemies to hit them.

Despite this, the main reason players wish to change their character’s appearance is just for aesthetic reasons. Most people quickly sped through the character customization options when they first started the game.

But they’d like the opportunity to refine it later. The good news is that this can be done even after years of playing a save.

Changing the Appearance of your Companion

As such, we can customize aspects of our character’s appearance in native games. But, can we do the same with our companions?

Unfortunately, other characters in the game cannot be changed natively. It is only possible to edit a player’s character in Mount and Blade Bannerlord. This is the vanilla version.

An excellent mod called Detailed Character Creation has recently been released.

And, using this MOD, the player can change the appearance of any character in the game, whether it is a companion, a family member, or any other lord. The mod is available on NexusMods.

If you have the mod installed, open up the in-game encyclopedia using the N key from the campaign map to change your character’s appearance.

Then you can change the appearance of whichever character you wish. When you get to their page, you will see a button that says Edit Appearance at the top of the UI.

Just click here to change your character’s appearance.

Final Words

This is all about how to change your appearance after starting in bannerlord. Do comment with any suggestions or you can also ask your queries. Thanks for reading this article.

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