How to Buy a House in Kenshi (Guide)

Kenshi is a visually very simplistic RPG with a surprising amount of depth. To gain independence, you could just wander the wastes and scavenge for supplies.

Additionally, you might want to join a faction and tell your own version of their story. One goal you may have in the game is to build your own faction.

But, Kenshi is a game with no mercy. It takes an extraordinary amount of effort to reach the point where you can expand and build your own settlement.

how to buy a house in kenshi

The game can be played in a variety of ways. The player can start making equipment and supplies themselves. However, this will not be an option right away.

It is because you lack both the resources and the time. It will just be a lot of work as well. So, consider purchasing a small house in Kenshi instead.

Here’s How to Buy a House in Kenshi.

How to Buy a House in Kenshi

You might want to buy a small place that you can use as a base when you’re traveling through Kenshi. It’s great to buy a building in town at the start of the game.

As it provides a place to rest and recuperate for a while.

Alternatively, you can build your own structures in the wild. However, this is a challenging process. In addition to finding the building materials and building your house from scratch, you will be continually raided and taxed.

It is likely that you will have to pay hefty tax fees to the United Cities if you plan on establishing your own base in the desert.

The best option for the beginning is to purchase a house in town since this will help reduce raids and pesky wildlife that steals your crops.

How to Find a House for Sale?

Kenshi does not allow the purchase of all buildings. Select a building by left-clicking on it in a town. If a building is for sale, you’ll be able to see it in the bottom left corner of the screen.

In each town, at least one building will be for sale most of the time. Depending on the type of building, the price will only vary. An example would be the Old Storm House, which costs 16,000 cats.

Starting with a smaller building will cost you between 4,000 and 5,000 cats.

How to Buy a House

As soon as you have found a house that is for sale, it is time to make an offer. On the left-hand side, click the green ‘offer’ button. The following page will appear.

The possibility of backing out and saving your cats still remains. The building will officially belong to you if you select yes and you have the required amount of cats in your squad.

It’s now your turn to relax and recover in your own little corner of Kenshi.


How do you get a Kenshi house?

Player-Owned Buildings in Town are often available for sale inside towns. If a building is purchasable, players can read its information by clicking on it. You can buy these buildings by clicking the “Buy” button and confirming in the popup that appears.

Where can I buy a Kenshi building?

It is possible to find buildings for sale in the virtual world inside the city. There are many different types of buildings in the Kenshi game. If you want to know whether a building is for sale, click above it or read the information directly. The building’s characteristics and price are the most important information. Some buildings, however, are not available for purchase. Those of you who are regulars will notice that most of these buildings cannot be purchased. You can’t access some of them.

Can you build a house in Kenshi?

A player must travel far outside a town to build a house in Kenshi. On the bottom right of the screen, click the appropriate button to open the building menu. A building options window will appear in the bottom left corner.

Players will start out with a small shack as their house, and selecting it will reveal the silhouette of the building. In the blue area, potential locations are too close to towns, while in the green area, this space is available for placement. Building a house is much less expensive than buying one, but it requires materials. It costs 108 Cats to build a small shack, which costs 5 Building Materials. Getting a shelter will inevitably become an essential aspect of Kenshi since it’s one of the longest open-world games available. Players are out of the range of NPC guards when they build a shelter, making it a safer option.

Can you fix a broken house in Kenshi?

Buildings can be repaired by right-clicking and selecting “repair” once they have been purchased. Players’ characters will start working on the structure while the debris disappears and a grid forms over it.

Final Words

Kenshi is a brutal survival game, so establishing a base in a guarded location like a town might make sense.

Owning a building in a town will allow you to go inside it. The right-click menu on the doors lets you lock or unlock them.

Using the ‘lock door’ button on the bottom left of the UI, once you have selected the building, you can lock the doors automatically, without the need for a character to go to the door manually.

Open the build menu to customize your house and put furniture in place. A build menu can be accessed by pressing the button on the right of the area that shows the number of cats.

To speed up recovery, you can place some beds on the ground in Kenshi. There is also an option to place production machines such as the research table and the crafting stations.

To store your hard-earned loot, you can also lay down containers. Therefore, your character does not have to carry them around everywhere on Kenshi’s dangerous map.

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