How to Butcher Animals in Rimworld [Easy Guide]

In RimWorld, butchering is vital to survival. Through butchering, you turn dead animals into meat. Which can be used to cook meals, make pemmican, survival meals, etc.

Butchering is a form of cooking. And, the speed of butchering is determined by “cooking” skill.

Let’s see more about How to Butcher Animals in Rimworld.

How to Butcher Animals in Rimworld

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When you butcher an animal, not only will you gain food materials in the form of meat, but you will also gain fur or textiles depending on what kind of animal you slaughter.

When you butcher a chicken, you get Birdskin. And, you can obtain Alpaca Wool by butchering an Alpaca.

Also, each type of textile has its own stats. So, a T-shirt sewn with Alpaca Wool provides more heat insulation than one made with cotton.

You may have to butcher an animal even if you intend to keep it as a pet at some point in your playthrough.

Why would I want to butcher animals?

From the beginning of the game until the end of your run, butchering animals will be the primary method of obtaining food. Depending on what animal you butcher, you will be able to obtain not only a food source in the form of meat, but also a type of fur or textile material.

If you butcher a chicken, you will obtain Birdskin, whereas if you butcher an alpaca, you will obtain Alpaca Wool. There are different types of textiles with different stats. A T-shirt made from Alpaca Wool, for example, will provide greater heat insulation than a T-shirt made from cotton.

Despite your desire to keep animals as pets, you may find that you must butcher one of them at some point in your playthrough. The animals, (and humans) on the Rim are always available for consumption in a game like Rimworld, where nuclear winters, toxic fallout, and blight are all capable of destroying your great food plantations.

Things Needed to Butcher Rimworld Animals

You must build a Butcher Table before you can butcher animals. You can do this by opening the architect menu on the bottom left hand side of the Rimworld game screen.

Click on the Production tab. It may appear that you can make the butcher table out of different materials when you left-click on it.

It will be obvious that a steel table is used. Because it is not as flammable as a wooden table. Alternatively, if you lack the steel, you can get a Wooden Butcher Table.

The butcher table can be placed anywhere on the map. But, if the butcher table is placed outside, or in less than ideal temperatures, a work speed penalty will be imposed.

If the table is placed outside, the work speed factor will be 90%. A table inside will be 10% faster.

It is important to know that butchering animals leaves a lot of filth behind. Your colonists will make sick-making foods if you put the butcher table inside the kitchen.

Therefore, it is recommended that you build a small separate room for butchering if you’re installing a butcher table inside.

When you have selected a table type, you can left-click the map to place it. When you select a butcher table, you will see a transparent chair icon.

Your colonists may be more productive and mood-lifted if you build them a chair to sit in front of the table.

Select a colonist assigned to construction and right-click on the building project to have them prioritize building the table.

Create a Bill to Butcher Animals

You can now start carving up your furry friends as soon as you’ve got the Butcher Table. Animal butchering is automated in Rimworld.

Your colonists will accomplish the task whenever it has priority over any other task once you set up the action. You can create your butcher bill by clicking on the Bills tab in the newly finished Butcher Table.

The Bills menu appears after you select Bills, and there you can assign different tasks to the Butcher Table. If you do not assign the job first to the table, your colonists will not automatically butcher animals.

After you click Add bill, you will be presented with a dropdown menu of all the things you can do at the Butcher Table. To begin, click Butcher Creatures.

The bill will appear in the menu after you select Butcher Creature. To add more or fewer creatures to be butchered, click the + or – buttons.

For example, you may choose ’10’ as your number. When 10 animals are available, the colonists will kill them. And then they will stop until you add more.

The idea is to micromanage your food supply and make the food last as long as possible. Select the Do X times tab and change this option to Do forever if you would like your colonists to kill animals whenever they are available.

So, your colonists will automatically butcher any animal corpses that are nearby.

Setup an Efficient Zone

It is possible that a colonist will run to the other side of the map in order to find animals to butcher. However, this is unsafe and inefficient.

Your cook might be on the other side of the map without a means of defense. So, your colonists should deliver animal bodies to a zone near your butcher table. We will discuss how to set this up in detail.

This method can also be used as a means of preserving fresh kills and building up an animal body supply once you have a little cold storage or freezer set up.

Open the Architect menu from the bottom left corner of the UI. You can create different types of zones by selecting Zone. In this example, we will select the Dumping Stockpile Zone.

The easiest method for stockpiling animal corpses is to use this method. A regular stockpile zone can also be used. However, filtering will be a lot more complex.

To set up a zone, click and drag a portion of the map once you’ve selected the Dumping stockpile zone. Position it near the butcher table if possible.

Keeping the cook closer to his job will make him more efficient and will keep him from having to run too far.

If you want dead animals to be brought here after you have set up the zone, you will have to do a little bit of configuration.

Within the UI, select your zone and then the Storage option to change what types of items will be in the stockpile.

Afterward, you will be able to see all of the items that are allowed to be stored in the stockpile and those that are not. Stockpiles will by default have both human and animal corpses, but also chunks will be allowed.

As soon as this zone is set up, hunters will bring animal corpses directly to this zone, making the job of your cook much easier. For this reason, we recommend using the Dumping stockpile.

Using the regular stockpile requires either filtering out each item one by one or deselecting all of them. Also, corpses must be manually added with clear all.

Final Words

You can now make food and clothing for your colonists after butchering animals in Rimworld. A tailoring bench can be constructed and bills can be created the same way you did for butchering animals.

You can also trade clothing for sweet, sweet silver during the colder months to keep your colonists warm. You might also be asked to produce 20 T-shirts for a neighboring tribe in return for an anti-grain warhead.

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