How to Burn Corpses in Project Zomboid (Easy)

There will be a lot of bodies outside your home in Project Zomboid with zombie hordes attacking every night.

And, in addition to the blood splatters, you will also need to dispose of the corpses strewn around your base. But, to do so, you need to know how to burn corpses.

The following Project Zomboid guide will teach you how to burn corpses. This will keep you from having to deal with dead bodies. On the other hand, your character will remain mentally strong.

how to burn corpses in project zomboid

Let’s begin.

How to Burn Corpses in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are two methods for burning corpses. And, depending on the materials you have, you can pick and choose which method to use.

In order to dispose of the corpses, you can use a campfire. Alternatively, you could also pile up bodies and use a jerry can of gasoline.

Using a Campfire

Burning a lot of corpses at a time is best accomplished by building a campfire. You should not light the campfire until you have placed it down on the ground.

First, pick up all of the corpses in the area you want to clean up. Then, add the corpses to the fire. And, in order to have the fire spread through all of the zombie corpses, simply light the fire once they are all on top.

Ensure that the campfire is built in a place where the fire cannot spread and destroy too many things in the world, such as roads.

You can then start placing the corpses on top of the campfire once you have built up a safe place. There must be a lot of corpses close together on top of the fireplace. If not, the fire won’t spread.

Now, to bring up the menu, right-click on the fire once you have gathered them all together. From there, select the option for lighting it.

It is now up to you to wait for the fire to spread. Also, watch out for the other zombies that may come attracted to the sound and warmth of the fire.

Any zombie that runs over the fire will catch fire. And, it will spread the fire throughout the arena. So, be careful not to attract any flaming zombies to your base. It shouldn’t take long for all the corpses to burn.

It’s possible that a few bodies haven’t been consumed by the campfire. Once more you can add them to the fire if there are still some leftovers.

Also, when you take their clothes off, you have a constant supply of fuel.

Dig Graves

You can also use a shovel to dispose of corpses in Project Zomboid if you have found one. When you equip the shovel and right-click a patch of ground, you can dig a grave.

The option will appear as soon as you have one in your inventory. You can now choose the area for the grave. In order to dig the grave, the character will have to manually go over to the area.

And, if you increase the game time, you can speed up the process. Now, go ahead and grab the corpse once you’ve selected a burial site.

After you have dug the grave, walk over to your character’s inventory, where you’ll find the corpse. The Bury Corpse option can be accessed by right-clicking the grave and opening the interaction menu.

Project Zomboid lets you bury up to five corpses per grave. Which makes it only really useful if you have a small number of bodies to dispose of.

But, it is not as effective as burning corpses. This also takes up two tiles of the map that are no longer available for building on.

Using Gasoline

It is also possible to ignite your enemies’ bodies with gasoline. You can pile them up. Then you can ignite them with gasoline.

First, get a can with at least one unit of gasoline in it. Then, put it in your primary hand. Then, equip a lighter in your secondary hand.

You can now remove a corpse by right-clicking it when you have these two items equipped. You can then choose to burn the corpse.

Automatically Despawn Corpses

If the player creates a custom sandbox game, one of the settings allows them to control how long corpses remain in the world. All difficulty settings are set to 216 in-game hours by default.

It starts when the game starts. You will find an option under the ‘Meta’ tab called “Time before Corpse Removal” if you go to the custom sandbox.

This value represents the amount of time it takes for a corpse to disappear completely from the game. You should be careful if you make this number too small.

Final Words

That’s all there is to know about burning zombie corpses in Project Zomboid. Happy burning. Do comment on your favorite method of burning down corpses in project zomboid.

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