How to Build With Stone in Valheim (Guide)

Just starting to explore the Black Forest biome, Valheim players may stumble upon the remains of a stone castle and wonder how they can build one of their own.

Players in Valheim can build stone castles. But, this can only be unlocked after a few steps are completed.

how to build with stone in valheim

Here’s how to build with stone in valheim.

How to Build With Stone in Valheim

The structures in Valheim have an interesting mechanic for structural stability that can be challenging to figure out.
There seems to be a limit to the size of buildings. The building mechanics can be used to the player’s advantage with proper planning and attention to detail.

While building, gravity, material limitations, compression, and expansion must be considered in the actual world. But, this is not the case in Valheim.

One of the only considerations is how far away a “structure” is from a foundational piece. Floors and beams do not appear to be affected by the mass of objects attached to them.

More objects cannot be attached to structures if they are further from the foundation. And, building components are attached based on their distance from a foundation, not by their total number.

This makes building with wood challenging, especially when it comes to roofing. But, once the Vikings hit the Iron Age, everything drastically changes with the introduction of stone buildings.

Basic Stone Structure Stability

These Stone Cutter and Iron Reinforced Building Pieces open up a whole new world of building possibilities. Identifying the primary indicators of the structural stability mechanics is the most important step before you start.

Hovering your hammer over a building piece will highlight the piece in blue, green, yellow, orange, or red. The blue building piece represents the foundation.

The dark green pieces are the next most structurally sound. A piece’s distance from a foundation is represented by the gradients between green and red.

Accordingly, the stability of a structure depends on the number of items between a floor, a wall, or support. The player can, for example, construct up to four Wooden floors in any direction by placing single support.

If another Wooden pole is added to the first Wooden pole, the distance from the support structure is increased by the new pole. There will be only three items the player can build-out of the second pole.

Structures reinforced with stone and iron make it possible to go even higher while requiring fewer supports. Stone walls, floors, and pillars will be considered foundational pieces.

By connecting a long Core Wood support beam to a wall, everything attached to that beam will be supported. And, players can build almost twice the height of their base using Stone, compared to a wooden home.

Building Using Stone

To begin with, players must unlock the Stone Cutter. To do so, players must have an Iron ingot. The player will be able to place it wherever they wish once it has been unlocked.

The Stone Cutter has a small construction radius. Place a couple of supplies nearby. Break one of them to move it while you work. The Stone Floor is one of the key differences between buildings with stone and wood.

Only the ground can be covered with Stone Floors. But, it cannot support Stone Floors on either side of it. An above-ground Stone Floor can only be installed on top of a Stone Pillar by supporting it with a Stone Arch on its side.

At the moment, it is far more economical and space-efficient to do a Stone floor for ground-level and to finish all subsequent floors with Stone Walls and wooden floors.

Afterward, you can design your base however you want. Building a large base of operations for the end-game is certainly worth the effort, including using a deep basement to store all the Viking loot and trophies collected.

You can begin by building a central chimney. In addition, Stone Pillars can be used as the primary support for flooring if built around them. You can farm stone in abandoned stone towers. And, also don’t forget the Stone Cutter.

Final Words

It is crucial to know about using stones to build in valheim. And, this article would have surely helped you with that.

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