How to Build an Underground Base in Valheim

You’ll need to do a lot of building in Valheim. And, in addition to the benefits of having a proper shelter, it can also be fun to build interesting and special structures.

It is, however, quite challenging to build in this game. This is quite different from what we’re used to in other games.

A better way to describe Valheim is as a mix between Minecraft and Vikings. However, the buildings in this game are more complicated.

how to build an underground base in valheim

Here’s how to build an underground base in valheim easily.

How to Build an Underground Base in Valheim

We must look for some very specific locations in Valheim in order to build an underground base.

It isn’t as easy as just digging a cave into the ground and calling it a day, since you can only terraform by lowering the ground. As a result, we need to dig under specific places in order to build our base.

Breaking the ground beneath any of these items will not destroy them since they are static items. So, you can dig underneath either of these places by using them as a roof. From there, you can dig an underground base.

Our recommended underground base is the Elder spawn point. In the middle of the area, there is already a burning fire that cannot be put out. Also, the roof has a larger surface area and is flatter than those found in Black Forest.

In this way, you can have a nice flat roof on your base. You should go with a rock formation, however, if you’re looking for a more natural underground base.

Building an Underground Base in Valheim

Having scouted our locations and chosen them, we will only need a few items to get started. You will need a pickaxe to begin with. The base will be dug out instead of built and we will not have to use precious resources.

With the pickaxe, dig an area at one end of your makeshift roof. You can level the ground with the hoe if the area is on a bit of a hill. The lower ground function on a hoe can be used by standing at the bottom of the hill.

In the image above, you can see that we dig down a slope to the side of the spawn. No matter how you do it, or even how you approach it, you are not required to follow the same steps.

You will be fine as long as you just dig an entrance down below the level of the structure. A staircase is even built down to the base. Eventually, we will cover this stairwell to keep unwanted guests out.

You simply need to dig down to where you want the desired level of the floor to be once you’ve dug underneath the first part of the roof area.

You can simply keep digging in a straight line once you have reached that point to dig faster. And, no matter where you dig in Valheim, the ground will eventually reach that depth.

Therefore, if you were to break the piece next to you while standing 5 meters below the ground, the ground would sink down to that level.

And, when digging out the underground cave base, one of the first things you will need to do is build a workbench. When you use the pickaxe, it will begin to wear down. So, you will have to repair it on the bench.

Fortunately, the structure above works as a roof. When underground, you’ll be protected from the elements. It means you won’t need to build a roof over top of the workbench right away.

However, your only concern should be not to mine too far beyond the existing structure. Also, if you accidentally remove too much earth, you can still patch the hole with the Hoe’s raise terrain feature.

Having finished digging out your base, it’s time to decorate. There is no question that you’ll need a wall to dig up to the surface if you plan on having a cooking fire underground.

It is because the smoke can cause death, so you’ll need to direct the smoke out of the room. In our underground base, the smelter and charcoal kiln don’t produce any smoke at all, which is great.

On the Elder’s altar at the top of the base you can actually place cooking stations and a cauldron for cooking meals if you wish. This fire won’t go out regardless of rain, so you won’t have to worry about protecting it from it.

When putting a bed down underground, keep this in mind. The Elder Altar serves as a fire source at the top of the building. You should build a bed near the center of the altar, as you will need a fire nearby when you go to sleep.

The pillar you see coming out of the roof is where the fire is located on the ground. You will not have to build another fire underground in your base if you place a bed near this location.

Final Words

That’s all there is to it. You’ve got your very own underground base in Valheim. You’ll need to get creative with where to start your underground Valheim base, as there is no way to dig underground without destroying the ground above.

Another great place to dig in the Black Forest is to dig under copper and large rock deposits. The Elder can also spawn multiple times on the Valheim map. So, be sure to start exploring if you want to build another underground base.

Putting a portal into an underground base would also be a great idea. The entrance could then be sealed with rocks. You can create a portal that will allow you to access a secret base only accessible through the portal.

Also, keep in mind that there is only one way in and out. So, if you decide to bunker down, be sure to have enough provisions on hand.

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