How to Build a Roof in Rimworld [Easiest Guide]

The foundation of your gameplay in Rimworld is building. Throughout the game, you will design and build colonies. It can be confusing to figure everything out with so many options.

In general, you won’t have to build roofs manually. In some situations, you will have to construct a roof. How to build a roof in Rimworld will be explained in this guide.

How to Build a Roof in Rimworld

Your colonists will automatically build a roof when you create a room in Rimworld. All walls must be connected before this can be done. Manually building a roof area is as simple as following these steps:

  1. From the screen’s bottom, select the Architect menu.
  2. The Zone set of options can be selected from this menu.
  3. Select the option Build roof area under this menu.
  4. You can build a roof in any area of your colony.
  5. When the roof is prioritized, a colonist will build it.
Roof rimworld

Walls are needed to support a roof when you build one. Supports are necessary to prevent roofs from collapsing. A colonist should handle construction. Nobody can build a roof if no colonists are assigned to construction. Resources are not consumed in the process of building roofs.

Why Would we Build a Roof?

Build roof areas aren’t likely to be used by most players in Rimworld. The colonists will automatically build a roof when the walls of a building are filled in. The construction of a roof has some good reasons, however. A manual roof protects your shooters from the disadvantages of the weather, which is one of the best reasons to build one.

Poor weather, such as rain, will lower your character’s accuracy. Undercover, they will be more accurate when shooting at foes. A small defensive shooting area can be seen in the image below.

Sandbags are placed around shooters to protect them from incoming bullets, as you can see in the image above. Two wall structures are also present. This is because roofs have to be Supported by some kind of structure. It is not possible to build them over sandbags. I will protect my colonists from adverse weather conditions by creating this small defensive area.

Protection From Events

Rimworld sometimes experiences random events. Despite some positive events, more often than not, there are negative ones. Toxic fallout can be one of the worst events if it is not managed properly. When outside, colonists and creatures will be affected by toxic buildup.

Creating pathways on roofs can completely mitigate this problem. Your colonists won’t be negatively affected by toxic fallout if a roof covers their entire walking area.

Your only concern should be to have a decent supply of food. Connect every room with a roof if you have enough to support your colony. Roofs can be built with just a few supports every few tiles. Change the allowed area of your colonists after you have built your series of roofs, and only paint the roofed areas.

How to See Roofs in Rimworld

You can see where roofs are located in Rimworld by pressing a button on the overlay. You will see some small symbols at the bottom right of the screen if you move your gaze there. Various visibility options are available. You can see where roofs exist on your map using one of these options.

In addition to the roofs you have built personally, there will be roofs on the map that were already there. Toggle this option on or off by pressing the icon that looks like a little house with a roof. Please refer to the following image.

roofs rimworld

A green outline will be shown on roofs, as shown in the image above. Additionally, your colonists can use this option to avoid tunneling into a mountain and dropping the roof on themselves. Plan your toxic fallout roof with this tool as well.

How to Remove Roofs

Removing Roofs in Rimworld

In Rimworld, you can also remove roofs. In some cases, you may not want an area to be roofed. There may be a need for a courtyard even if you have built a room in your base. Follow these steps to remove a roof in Rimworld:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, click the Architect menu.
  2. Click on the Zone heading.
  3. Press J or look for the option Remove roof area.
  4. You can remove a roof area by selecting it.
  5. You need to wait until your colonists remove the roof.


How do you get the colonists to build a roof RimWorld?

Until they have a more important job assigned, colonists with buildings assigned will come to this area to build roofing. Structures in the Home Area will be automatically assigned Build Roof.

How far can a wall support a roof in RimWorld? What is the Roof collapse distance?

There must be at least six tiles for rimworld roof support between every roof tile and a wall (natural or artificial), or the roof will collapse.

Can you remove the roof in RimWorld?

Using Remove roof area, you can designate an area that won’t be covered by thin roofing once a wall is built around it. When such a designation is made, existing thin roofs and thin rock roofs will be removed, but thick rock roofs will stay.

Do roofs cost resources RimWorld?

There are no costs involved in building roofs, except for bruises.

Final Words

As mentioned above, removing roofs can be a great way to create courtyards inside a base. Removing roofs from a room on fire quickly to exhaust the heat is also possible.

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