How to Break Rocks in Valheim (Easily)

In Valheim, players craft weapons to survive. This game is inspired by Norse mythology.

And, there will be certain tools that you will need to use in this game.

For example, you will need to break rocks and mineral deposits.

how to destroy rocks in valheim

So, here’s how to break rocks in Valheim.

How to Break Rocks in Valheim

Pickaxes is crafted in Valheim to break rocks. The first boss of Forsaken is Eikthyr, and you can defeat him to unlock this ability.

Then, he drops hard antlers, which you need to collect.

And, in the Workbench, you can craft the Antler Pickaxe from this. It’s the first pickaxe you’ll find in the game.

From stone to metals like iron, you can mine everything with this Antler Pickaxe.

Types of Rocks

Valheim’s rocks are mostly made up of stone. You can simply imagine them as large gray rocks.

Other rocks can also be found in Valheim. And, they can too be broken down for useful resources.

There is also the Copper Deposit, which resembles a large rock covered in green moss.

You will also see metal veins running through this rock. But, at first glance, you may not see them.

The words copper deposit will appear on the screen when you look directly at the rock upon closer inspection.

You will find them in the black forest.

The Tin ore rock is also a type of rock. It is a silvery, dense rock.

And, as soon as these rocks are destroyed, the player will receive tin ore.

But, tin deposits only drop Tin ore, as opposed to copper deposits, which drop both copper ore and stone.

Breaking Rocks

You will receive Hard Antler after defeating Eikthyr. And then a new recipe will appear in the Workshop menu.

The antler pickaxe can be crafted from it.

Put this pickaxe in your inventory once you have crafted it, then right-click it to equip it.

The pickaxe can also be assigned to one of the quick bars at the top of your inventory.

But, there are numbered slots there.

You can face rock and left-click once you have the pickaxe equipped.

If the rock is dense and you are using a pickaxe, it may take a few hits to smash it.

Getting the different types of Valheim metals faster will allow you to destroy rocks more quickly.

This will allow you to craft better pickaxes.

Final Words

After reading this article, you will be easily able to break any rocks in Valheim.

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