How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid (Guide)

The only way to boil water in Project Zomboid is to fill a pot with contaminated water. You can put it on the fire or oven to heat it up.

One of the most common ways players can boil water is to place a pot full of water on a campfire. You will, however, need a fuel source and some means of lighting the fire in order to boil water over a campfire.

Fuel sources can include scrap wood, magazines, or even books. However, we recommend logs as the best choice.

how to boil water in project zomboid

Read on to find out more about how to boil water in project zomboid.

How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid

The following steps should be followed for boiling tainted water that can be recovered. These steps are described in detail below:

  • First, cook the tainted water in a pot.
  • Then, make a campfire. And, fill it with fuel.
  • Now, use a lighter or matches to light the campfire.
  • And, over the lit fire, place the pot with water.
  • Also, make sure that the item is no longer tainted by the ‘tainted’ attribute. And, place it back in your inventory.

You can turn any amount of tainted water into drinkable water by following these six simple steps. We will go over each step in more detail below.

Boiling Water in the Oven

It’s not just for savages living out in the woods with campfires to boil water. It can also be done at home in the kitchen.

Follow these steps to boil water in an electric or antique oven.

  • In a cooking pot, place the tainted water.
  • Then, access the oven’s inventory. And, place the water inside.
  • The oven control menu can be used to turn the oven on.

Now, wait until the water boils.

Getting Tainted Water

Your starting point will be this. In the event that the water taps in your game have stopped working or even if they have not worked from the start, there are still ways your character can access water in Project Zomboid.

Almost the entire length of the map is occupied by a large river on the north end. Water can also be collected from the wells and lakes in the game, as well as this river.

You can always boil the water to make it drinkable once it has been purified, even though it won’t be drinkable right away.

Get a container of some kind from your inventory to collect tainted water from rivers or lakes. You can also use a cooking pot. The tainted water will already be in the pot, waiting to be boiled.

An empty alcohol bottle or a water bottle would also work. then, walk up to the water source with the empty container in your inventory.

And, select the interaction menu by right-clicking on it. A Fill option should appear. Now, click on the appropriate container.

Fill up a container with water by choosing one of these options. If you view the item in your inventory, you will see that it is now filled with tainted water.

Other water sources, such as wells, can also be used to collect free water. Wells can be found in towns and forests throughout the map. We have now reached the first step of finding something drinkable since we have water.

This tainted water can be consumed. The character is likely to become ill at some point. And, the recovery process in Project Zomboid takes a long time once you are sick. So, boiling the water is the best way to avoid it.

How to Build and Fuel a Campfire

You will need a heat source in order to boil water. In Project Zomboid, a campfire is the best way to boil water. This is because campfires burn very hot and are easy to craft.

In the crafting menu, you can make your own campfire. And, depending on your location, you will need either two logs and a fuel source, or three planks and a fuel source.

There is no difference between these two types of campfires. Their purpose is the same. The campfire can be fuelled by many different items, as you can see in the picture above.

Either books or matches will work just fine. All residential houses on the map have these, or you can rip the sheets. Any item of clothing can be ripped up to create ripped sheets, including old zombie clothing.

It will be slightly more difficult to get logs. Logs are obtained by cutting down trees with an axe in Project Zomboid. It will be difficult to find an axe in this mission.

And, when you have 2 logs in your inventory and one of the items underneath them, you can make a campfire kit.

The campfire kit can be deployed on the ground by right-clicking and selecting the “Interaction” option. Then, click on Build a fire. Now you can choose where to place it.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

The image below shows how easy it is to add fuel to the fire. Campfires can be used to burn a variety of items. Old clothing is an easy fuel to burn.

Simply, click on the Add Fuel button. You can add as many items as you want. But, you will not be able to retrieve them. They will be burned.

And, when you have fuel in the fire, you can use the Light Fire option to light it with matches or a lighter. Boom. Now you have a fire.

Boil Water Over a Campfire

Consequently, we need a pot of water to be boiled, along with a source of heat. It’s just a matter of putting these two together, and we can now start to boil water. A container full of water can be poured on top of a burning campfire in two ways.

There are two bars at the top of the UI, one for inventory and the other for the containers your character is near. The water can be transferred to the fire by dragging the cooking pot over to the loot container.

Alternatively, you can select the option from your character’s inventory to place a container full of water on the campfire. The pot with tainted water can be found by right-clicking it.

And, if you are close enough to a campfire in the image above, you will see the option “Put in Container(Campfire)”. The item will be placed in your character’s campfire inventory if you select this option.

In Project Zomboid, these are the only steps you will need to take in order to boil water.

Wait for the Water to Boil

By moving the cursor to the top of the screen, you can now access the campfire inventory. A drop-down menu will appear.

You should also be able to access the campfire’s inventory if you are close enough to it by pressing the symbol to the left of the drop-down menu.

You should now be able to see the water in the little pot boiling in the campfire. It is slowly turning red. This is a good sign.

As a result, the item gets hot and the water begins to boil. Simply wait until the tainted symbol disappears from the water.

Final Words

Simply put, that’s all there is to it. Take what you want from the campfire. And, add it to your inventory at any time.

You can now drink, cook, or clean wounds with this water. In Project Zomboid, that’s all there is to know about boiling water. Let’s get to work.

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