How to Beat The Elder in Valheim (Ultimate Guide)

It is sure to send your adrenaline rushing when you face the various boss enemies in Valheim. And, there is a different threat lurking around every boss.

And, in order to advance the story, you must defeat each of them in order to gain its Forsaken Ability.

how to defeat the elder in valheim

So, we will walk you through this guide on defeating The Elder, Valheim’s second major boss.

How to Beat The Elder in Valheim

Locating the Elder requires a lot of effort. And, fighting it can also be difficult.

Listed below is everything you need to know about tracking down and defeating the Elder.

Where to Find the Elder in Valheim?

To track down the Elder, you will need to enter the Black Forest biome. And, after you defeat Eikthyr, you get the Hard Antler.

This can be fashioned into the Antler Pickaxe. The Antler Pickaxe can be used to mine Tin and Copper.

You have to look for half-circle Rune Stones as you enter the Black Forest. On the surface, they are usually found near destroyed towers and other structures.

Greydwarves usually surround them or they are buried underground in Burial Chambers.

When you interact with one of the Rune Stones, you will find the altar where you can summon the Elder.

Now, to summon the Elder, you must sacrifice three Elder Seeds at the altar. The Elder will appear when you drop the Elder Seeds into the fire.

How to Summon the Elder in Valheim

The Elder can be summoned by placing 3 Ancient Seeds in the flaming bowl in the center of the Elder’s Mystical Altar.

Hence, the cryptic phrase “burn their young”. Which is written on the Altar’s runestone.

The Black Forest is a place where ancient seeds can be found. Purple smokey Greydwarf nests scattered throughout the biome must be destroyed to obtain them.

And, attacking the nests is equivalent to attacking any other enemy. But, once they have sustained enough damage, they will be destroyed.

Then, you will be able to pick up an Ancient Seed from them.

You need to return to the location of the Elder’s Mystical Altar once you’ve destroyed three nests and obtained their Ancient Seeds.

Keep these in a stack on your Hotbar. Focus on the flaming bowl with your crosshair.

You can now move the Ancient Seeds from your Hotbar into the bowl by pressing the corresponding number key.

The Elder will appear in the world after a few seconds.

How to Defeat The Elder

There is no laughing matter when it comes to Valheim’s second boss.

Be prepared for a tough fight. As a giant hulking tree, The Elder is far more intimidating than Eikthyr.

It combines both melee attacks and ranged attacks. To survive, you’ll have to remain on your toes all the time.

The Elder can also smash you with great force if you get too close.

And, although you can block a portion of these attacks, staying too close to its feet for an extended period of time is generally not recommended.

The Elder will summon vicious roots from the ground no matter how far you are from him. Too close to it will cause it to attack you.

But, it is not hard to remove these roots. They can also be avoided completely. And, eventually, they will disappear.

While The Elder is summoning the roots to attack, you can run into it and slash at its legs. Try not to stay in that area too long though.

Lastly, The Elder has the most devastating attack of them all: a ranged attack. It launches spiked roots at you.

The roots spread far and can penetrate most objects. Sadly, hiding behind a tree or rock here isn’t going to make much difference.

You will lose a lot of health if you are caught in the spiked roots of The Elder.

So, running to the side of this attack or dodging rolling out of the way is the best way to avoid this attack.

The Elder clearly communicates its moves, which is a plus.

So, you will be better prepared in the long run if you are able to identify each attack quickly.

With this arena, your best defense is the four pillars at each corner.

Because their indestructibility provides much-needed cover from The Elder’s devastating ranged spiked root attacks.

One of these pillars should always separate you from The Elder. When it attacks, hide behind the pillar to avoid getting hurt.

When it finishes the ranged attack animation, you can fire some arrows after it finishes.

As you approach The Elder, continue moving around the arena.

And, during the animation of summoning roots from the ground, it is a good idea to move to another pillar since this animation lasts a moment.

The key to defeating The Elder is keeping it at medium range, avoiding its spiked roots, and eliminating its summoned roots.

Firing arrows will help you defeat The Elder. As you navigate the arena, the fire will gradually drain its health bar as you damage its health.

Also, keep an eye out for Greydwarfs that wander into the arena during the battle. His attacks can harm them.

However, if you want to avoid any unwanted attacks, it’s best to remove them yourself as soon as possible.

You will see the arena turn green when you’ve taken its health down halfway.

An Elder Shaman will then enter the arena to start healing him.

You need to find this Greydwarf Shaman. And, take it out as soon as possible.

If it attacks you with poison spray, you will suffer long-term damage.

In addition, it is able to heal itself. Hence, it should be defeated as soon as possible.

Ensure your health is being whittled down by firing fire arrows. And, the Elder will eventually be defeated.

As a trophy, it leaves behind its head and a Swamp Key when it dies.

The Sunken Crypts in the Swamp biome are accessible only through the Swamp Key.

Do not forget to hang The Elder’s trophy once again at the Forsaken Altars.

If you activate The Elder’s Forsaken Power, you can chop wood faster.

Final Words

This is all about How to Beat The Elder in Valheim. You’ll get two loot rewards if you defeat the Elder.

First, you’ll get the Elder Trophy. You’ll need to take this to the starting altar where you loaded Valheim.

Once you sacrifice it to the altar, the boss will grant you a new ability, just as he did with Eikthyr.

It speeds up the process of chopping down trees and gathering wood. The harvesting of what you need for your viking outpost or village will also be much easier.

From the Elder, you will also receive Swamp Keys. By using these keys, you will be able to access the Sunken Crypts.

You will start harvesting Iron from these dungeons, which is a huge deal.

You can find Iron Ore in Muddy Scrap Piles in the crypts. From which you can make new gear at your smelter.

Swamp Keys are not consumable items. They can be used again and again.

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