How to Barricade Doors and Windows in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid requires barricading in order to survive. Often, Project Zomboid’s zombie-infested world is too much for players.

So, players can board up their windows in a variety of ways. This can be done with wooden planks, metal sheets, or metal bars.

how to baricade doors and windows in project zomboid

Let’s look at all the ways we can board up windows and avoid the zombies’ gaze.

How to Barricade Doors and Windows in Project Zomboid

A Barricade reinforces the space between two doors or windows in Project Zomboid. It consists of a piece of material that is built into a window. You will see a visual barricade once you place the Barricade on a window or door.

Simply nailed across a window, the Wooden Barricade is a bunch of wood planks. You can put this Barricade over a space in the game in the simplest and easiest way possible.

A barricade made of metal sheets is stronger than one made of planks. And, also metal Sheets are difficult to find, so barricading with them will be a lot more difficult.

Nevertheless, the effort pays off. You will have an almost impenetrable fortress on your hands once you install Metal Sheets on your windows and doors.

Why to Barricade in Project Zomboid

There is a lot of danger in the world of Project Zomboid. This is especially true since Build 41 and beyond. In order to reach you, zombies will break down walls and doors if they cannot get inside.

In order to keep your bases more secure, you will need to plan smarter. The best thing you can do to keep unwanted eyes from reaching your base is to barricade the windows.

Setting their sights on you is one of the easiest ways for zombies to set their sights on you. Just like player characters, zombies can see through windows and doors.

Zombies will gather to your base if they see you through a window.

So, why not eliminate that possibility? Several wooden planks and metal sheets form barricades to prevent people from looking inside or out of Project Zomboid’s doorways and windows.

This is perfect for keeping prying eyes away from your base while you do your thing.

Doors and windows can also be used by zombies as entry points. The zombie has more senses than just sight. In addition to hearing and smelling you, they can also smell your cooking if they get close enough.

One of the easiest ways for zombies to enter a building is through windows. The easiest way to get into your building will be their priority, and if they manage to sneak in without your knowledge, the consequences can be deadly.

You don’t want to be caught off guard when zombie hordes arrive at your door during an event like the Helicopter Event.

So, you can prevent pesky zombies from breaking through your doors and windows by barricading them up.

Although your construction may eventually be destroyed, the extra minutes and hours you can get away from a barricade may give you the time to plan your escape or fix that neck injury.

A barricade will definitely keep you safe. So, if you can gain at least planks in Project Zomboid, why wouldn’t you take the time to secure your base?

As you do it, you will also improve your carpentry skills.

Board Up Windows With Wooden Planks

In Project Zomboid, wooden planks are the weakest material for boarded-up windows. Even so, wooden planks act as a screen between players and zombies, which shields them from seeing them.

To board up their windows, the players will need Nails, a Hammer, and Wooden Planks. You can board up each window with three planks.

To begin, follow these steps:

  • Choose a window to board up.
  • You can right-click on the window.
  • Click on Barricade (Planks).

In this step, the character begins to board up the window with wood planks.

Board Up Windows With Metal Sheets

Metal Sheet barricades are a bit more secure than wooden planks, but they require difficult items to construct. To barricade with Metal Sheets, players will need a propane torch and a welding rod.

Using metal sheets to barricade:

  • Choose a window.
  • Click on the window with the right mouse button.
  • Choose ‘Barricade (Metal Sheet)’.

During the barricading process, a little green bar would be visible over the character’s head to show how far they’ve come.

How to Unbarricade

It isn’t the end of the journey once you place barricades on the window or door. Taking down the barricades will allow you to use the throughways again.

The items required to take down the barricades will depend on what type of barricade is in place.

A claw hammer will be necessary for removing wooden plank barricades.

If the barricade is made of metal sheet, again you will need a propane torch and enough fuel to break it down.

When you have secured the necessary item to unbarricade, proceed to the window or door you have boarded up. Using the right-click menu, select the ‘unbarricade’ option.

Your character will begin tearing down the barricades they once erected to protect themselves.

You will be refunded for the item you used as a barricade. It is possible for you to switch to a different window if you wish.

Final Words

This is how Project Zomboid players can prevent zombies from discovering their windows.

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