How to Backstab in Valheim ( Very Easily)

The gameplay in Valheim is heavily focused on combat. And, the way a Viking fights and how much damage they can do is influenced by several different mechanics and stats.

Also, there are enemies of varying strengths and fighting styles in each biome. So, eventually, players will be able to pick up sacrificial items by slaying enough enemies.

how to backstab in valheim

In Valheim’s Early Access, those will be used to summon the five major bosses. Using Stealth in Valheim gives players an advantage over unaware enemies.

And, by using Backstab, they can increase the damage dealt with them during the first attack.

How to Backstab in Valheim

Backstabs are advanced maneuvers that can be performed in Valheim in order to deal bonus damage to an enemy.

For quite some time, Backstab has been part of RPG and roguelike games. Most commonly, it is associated with stealthy characters and daggers.

In Valheim, you can check the stats of a weapon to see what type of damage it does, as well as how much damage it does. You will also find out how many backstabs it deals with.

And, after a successful backstab, a multiplier is displayed. The original hit damage x the multiplier will be affected by the multiplier.

Weapons Needed for Backstabbing

A certain multiplier will be assigned to all weapons in Valheim regarding backstab. Different weapon types will have different backstab damage multipliers.

Backstab damage is generally increased by weapons with smaller blades, such as knives or daggers. Typically, these weapons are used by sneaks and rogues. Copper knives, for instance, deal 10x the regular damage if the player backstabs successfully.

You will cause a great deal of damage to begin with if you are able to sneak up and land a successful backstab with a knife. Depending on the weapon you are using and how skilled you are with it, you will do a certain amount of base damage.

In Valheim, all of the bows can perform backstab damage. If a sneak attack is successful with a bow, the damage multiplier will be 3 times as large.

Did you ever wonder why deer just explodes every time you hit them? It is likely that you have been doing backstabbing by your arrows all along without even realizing it.

Whenever you fire, your shot will always deal backstab damage as long as the enemy has not detected you.

The backstab damage multiplier applied to spears and swords varies with the weapon type. In spite of the fact that they aren’t as good as the knife for backstab damage, using the backstab can still give you an early advantage over your opponent.

Sneaking Armor

To perform a backstab against your enemies, you might want to become a lot more sneaky. As well as raising your general sneak level by walking near enemies undetected, you can also wear an armor set that will instantly make your character more sneaky.

The sneaking ability of your character is increased by 25% if you wear a full set of troll hide armor. Thus, you will need to craft yourself a Troll hide helmet, pants, tunic, and cape and equip them all simultaneously.

But, the quality level does not matter. And, you do not need to upgrade them all simultaneously.

Final Words

Almost any enemy can be backstabbed. However, it won’t work against bosses. In Valheim, there are five main bosses. These bosses will actively search for players.

As a result, you cannot catch them off guard. A backstab only counts if the enemy is fully healed. A stealth attack on an enemy with partial health counts as well. However, the Backstab multiplier will not be applied.

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