How to Attack in Project Zomboid (Easy)

Learning how to use melee weapons is one of the most crucial parts of Project Zomboid. And, in this guide, you will learn how to use every weapon type in the game to attack your enemies.

We will describe the controls that are the default for the game in this guide. Therefore, if they don’t work, refer to your options menu’s key bindings.

how to attack in project zomboid

Let’s begin.

How to Attack in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can attack with a melee weapon by following these steps:

  • First, the primary hand or both hands should be equipped with a weapon.
  • Then, charge your strike by holding the right mouse button or left CTRL-key.
  • Your mouse should be aimed at the enemy you wish to attack.
  • Now, attack the enemy by clicking the left mouse button.

You may have to be fairly close to your enemy depending on what weapon you are using. Of course, some weapons reach further than others. It is therefore very important to choose the right weapon for the situation.

The second type of attack can be used to gain some space by pushing enemies back. Press the right mouse button to push an enemy. You can also hold CTRL and press space at the same time.

You may be able to knock down enemies with this push depending on your level of strength. And, characters with a high strength level are more likely to knock down their opponents.

Using a Ranged Weapon to Attack

The way an attack works with a ranged weapon, such as a gun or thrown weapon, is the same as with a melee weapon. And, apart from the pact, you also have the option of being at any distance from the target.

But, when operating a gun, the likelihood of hitting a target depends on the character’s aiming skills. And, when the player hits targets with a ranged weapon, he or she will gain experience in the art of aiming.

In order to shoot, prepare the weapon just as you would with a melee weapon. By holding the right mouse button or the left Ctrl key, you can aim the camera.

When you have aimed at your target, you can click on it. If you wish to shoot, you can use your left mouse button. Also, keep in mind that having ready bullets in your weapon is crucial if your weapon does not fire.

In your gun-toting adventure, it’s likely that you’ll miss most of the shots you fire. So, before using a pistol or rifle in the game, it is best practice to level up the aiming skill with a weapon with a large spread such as a shotgun.

There is also a wide range of thrown weapons, such as footballs and Molotov cocktails.

Using a Controller to Attack

At first, using a controller can be confusing for players. But, using Project Zomboid’s controller is simple: Follow these steps:

  • First, equip a weapon
  • Then, aim your attack with the right analog stick
  • Now, your controller’s Right Trigger should be pressed. (R2 for DS4 controllers)
  • With a DS4 controller, press the LB or L1 buttons to melee attack whilst holding a ranged weapon.

Project Zomboid can be played on a TV using a controller. Because there is no console version of the game currently. The game can also be played together via Remote Play Together on Steam.

Co-op can be played between the other player and the host via Steam using a controller. It is also even better, the other player does not have to own the game.

Final Words

Well, after reading this article now you know about how to attack in project zomboid. Thanks for reading this article.

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